iPhone 5 & 4S outshine Samsung Galaxy S3 in world sales


Everybody interested in mobile technology knows that Apple and Samsung dominate sales in the market and today some serious number crunching for Q4, 2012 smartphone sales has just been released. The figures show that globally the Apple iPhone 5 became the best-selling smartphone in the final quarter of last year and although that in itself is not that surprising, what will amaze many people is that the iPhone 4S also outshone the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Research by Stategy Analytics looked at global smartphone sales and shipments broken down by model and the iPhone 5 shipped 27.4 million units in Q4 to take the title of top-selling smartphone. Of course we should bear in mind that the iPhone 5 released just before the beginning of Q4 and so it’s hardly unexpected that sales of the phone beat the Galaxy S3 in that quarter, as the Galaxy S3 released much earlier in the year.

What Samsung and Android enthusiasts will find a little more difficult to take though is that even the previous iPhone model, the iPhone 4S, outsold the Galaxy S3 globally in Q4 with 17.4 million units shipped as opposed to the 15.4 million units of the Galaxy S3. When looking how this equated as percentages of world marketshare the Apple iPhone 5 took 12.6% of the smartphone market with the iPhone 4S on 8% closely followed by the Galaxy S3 on 7.1%.

It looks very much then as though sales of the Galaxy S3 have peaked, maybe in anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S4, rumored for release in March or April. It will certainly be interesting to compare these figures again in the quarter following the S4’s release.

We’d like to know if you’re shocked or surprised at these latest figures. Had you already imagined that the iPhone 5 would be the top selling smartphone globally? Maybe you thought it would be between the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 but hadn’t even contemplated the iPhone 4S would also outsell the Galaxy S3? Let us have your comments on this.

Source: Strategy Analytics


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 & 4S outshine Samsung Galaxy S3 in world sales”

  1. applebite says:

    I have had every iphone made but recently ditched the iphone 5 for the Note 2 and my wife got rid of hers for the S3 and they are much better than any iphone ever made most are sold to people who don’t know any better I am totally converted

    1. Richard Yarrell says:

      Definitely smart purchases. Iphone 5 and iphone 4s are both useless devices for people who like fancy music players. I own both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile and they are the best handsets ever made especially the Galaxy Note 2. Nothing ever made compares to the Note 2.

  2. I agree with everybody else here & I have the Galaxy Note 2 & have its absolutely incredible. I’ve had many mobile devices over the last few years & always found something I wasn’t happy with on every device, well that ended with the Galaxy Note 2 it’s a beast & I have yet to find anything that I don’t absolutely love about it. The ppl buying iPhones in the 4th quarter were either simple minded ppl that l don’t like change which is what you get with the iPhone. Either that or ppl who buy a cheap entry level Android phone & hate it because it crashes or has some other issues pertaining to the device running a Gingerbread build of Android. Instead of them thinking Ok it’s a cheap entry level phone they think that all Android phones run like that & go buy a iPhone, I’ve seen that so much being a regular in the forums for my service provider & it’s sad ppl think this way & go to such a boring OS like iOS. Oh well sucks for them, we all know better & know that with Android you get what you pay for. – KID ANDROID (TAC)

  3. Dave H says:

    The chart the guy used says “Shipments” does that
    mean sales? I am sure the iPhone 5 was shipped all over the place to be in
    stores. And if they are doing the best smartphone sales in the world why is
    their stock hovering at 450 down from 700 when the iPhone 5 first came out.
    This is all bogus.

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