The Vine app for Android may yet be some time


If you’re waiting for Twitter’s Vine app to hit the Android platform then there’s some news today that may disappoint you a little. It seems a Vine job posting has been spotted to recruit new Android developers. Although that may sound promising in one aspect, as at least we know the Android version is in the loop, it could be that The Vine — Make a Scene Android app may yet be some time.

The free Vine app on iOS has certainly made an impression with many hooked on this Twitter short video app. It shot quickly up the App Store charts after release and it was then we first wondered how much longer it would take before we saw the Android version of the app. Following this we then told about an update for the iOS Vine app and a new age restriction but have had no further news since about an Android offering.

However Vine co-founder Colin Kroll has now tweeted a job posting for 6 people to add to its 3-person developer team and one of these jobs is for a Lead Android Engineer. While this indicates that an app is at least being worked on it doesn’t sound as though it’s too far along if Vine is only just recruiting a Lead Engineer for the project.

Hence it could still be some time before The Vine app for Android hits the Google Play Store but of course we’ll keep an eye on this story and bring you more news as we hear it. Are you waiting for the Android Vine app? As an Android device user do you get fed up with so often having to wait much longer than iOS device users to get apps to your platform?

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13 thoughts on “The Vine app for Android may yet be some time”

    1. jake says:

      They’re so much better if you pay for a good one, but they are few and far in between, my current phone could blow away an iPhone, but besides that, it does suck that we have to wait for app development

        1. Alex A. says:

          An app does not make a phone better than the other!! Of course it is very important and will make it more versatile. But a S3 will definitely blow away an iPhone. just look at the specs…!

          1. Gregg Sabino says:

            i believe S3 could blow away the 3GS iphone Lol.. nothing can beat apple’s technology. Siri alone couldn’t be outmatched! that sure could blow u miles away from earth. besides, look at most awesome apps trending, only for iOS & never on android.. coz android sucks, big time.

          2. Van Sanhnikone says:

            Google search app is basically on par with Siri. Usefulness wise, without all the easter eggs. Then again the only people that will really use voice recognition searching will be using that cool pointless stuff anyway.
            S3 IS more advance than the iPhone 5, high end android devices in general. Just android can be slow with apps. Which is really bad cause android OS deserves better and has come a long way.

            The only thing that is holding back android from surpassing iPhone is the app support.

          3. Robin Marks says:

            It will not be long till iOS users are waiting to port android apps. Android device count will dwarf iOS device count over time.

          4. garth says:

            We can get an app like siri, we have emojis, my phones almost 3 years old now still has better processor and a bigger screen than the iPhone 5 and Better screen resolutionthan the 4 and 4s. the onlything any iPhone has on me is their camera is 8mp mines 5mp, but guess what.? My shits in 3d. f your iPhone

  1. garth says:

    Not to mention androids are allowed to download free music and movies and basically anything on the web on almost everysite. plus most of the apps that cost you iPhone guys some money don’t cost us anything.

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