Nexus 4 obliterated in benchmarks by HTC One


If you’re an Android smartphone enthusiast then you’ll already know about the incredibly successful Google Nexus 4 smartphone from LG, which has just been updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. This has sold extremely well but would have achieved even bigger sales if supply had met demand. The HTC One newcomer was officially announced yesterday and this smartphone looks a real competitor with top specs and a stylish appearance, plus in initial benchmarks it obliterated the Nexus 4. So which would be your choice now?

For more details on the Nexus 4 why not check out our previous posts on the phone at this link. The HTC One was finally made official yesterday and is a real beauty so its good to know that the results of initial benchmarks saw it perform so well too. It totes a brand new 1.7GHz Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor which has garnered some positive attention recently, while the Nexus 4 is powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core Krait processor.

Qualcomm has stated that its Snapdragon 600 processor is 40% quicker than its earlier S4 Pro CPU and that was already an impressive processor. SlashGear managed to take Quadrant Benchmarks of the HTC One at its unveiling yesterday and found that the “quad-core processor is blowing up the charts, destroying the previous high-mark in the basic readout by more than double.” The HTC One scored 12,417 in total, way above anything previously recorded and to put that in perspective the also Qualcomm-powered Nexus 4 scored just above 5,000. There’s a huge difference shown then between the scores achieved by one Qualcomm processor and the latest.

Individual markers for the HTC One were a CPU score of 37,304, Memory score of 10,922 and 10,566 for I/O. Compare those with the same respective scores of the Nexus 4, which are 10,687, 7612, and 4340 and you can see the differences clearly. This is certainly an excellent showing then for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and it has also been rumored that this processor may appear in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you’re one of the many people still trying to get hold of the Google Nexus 4, might your choice now be swayed by these impressive benchmarks of the HTC One? Maybe you’d still prefer the pure vanilla Android experience of the Nexus 4 as the HTC One Jelly Bean OS will also feature HTC’s Sense UI version 5? Let us know your choice of these two smartphones with your comments.

Source: Slash Gear


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  1. Ray says:

    I wouldn’t trade a “broken” Nexus 4 for this HTC device, no matter how much they improve the specs. I for one prefer to have the latest updates and a clean pure Google UI vs HTC Sense/TouchWIz UI, etc..

    People invest money towards a Nexus device to have a clean UI that gets updated regularly. Not, a Lamborghini looking device with big muscles but no brain. When Android 5.0 is released sometime in May or June, this HTC device will probably receive it by February of 2014, while my Nexus 4 will have it the day it is released by Google.

    Nexus 4 FTW!

    1. Jeff Martinez says:

      Totally agree, the HTC One is an impressive device, but hardware is only half the race and people tend to ignore that cause of screen resolution and newer specs.But the reality is, your device is only relevant in the market so long as its being supported by software upgrades. Updates to fix bugs and performance issues always help, but ever since 4.2.2 was release you always see an HTC One X owner or SGS3 person saying “I’m still on 4.1 where’s my update?” “Hey (insert carrier) release the update already.” While Nexus 4 owners have the major benefit of their phone reaping major updates like upcoming KLP in a timely manner. So No benchmarks (laughable at that) would not persuade me switch from a Nexus 4 to another.

    2. Software updates can be easily attainable by many Android phones regardless if they are of the Nexus line. You just have to be able to follow simple instructions and install a custom rom, which have way better performance, more tweaks, and way more customization then stock roms. With that said Nexus 4 is a great device simply because there is more community development on Google flagship devices and not to mention the price point.

      At this point in time though, if you’ve purchased any reasonable Android phone in the past year, upgrading is futile. Hardware is going to be improving vastly in the next few years but all that hardware has diminishing returns until it can actually be fully utilized by games and apps. I still don’t understand how iOS is getting the cream of the crop in development after all this apparent Android improvement.

    3. Zenamez says:

      Simply put: It’s personal choice which phone you want. Although in saying that, saying ” this HTC device will probably receive it by February of 2014, while my Nexus 4 will have it the day it is released by Google.” – That line is thwarted by the devs over at XDA. Once Android’s source code is released, it’s only a matter of hours before it’s ported onto a heck of a lot of devices. You may think you’ve got a device which is the only one running the new version of Android but if you were to do some digging you’d find a lot more devices running the same code under a variety of skins. Just because it’s not released by the OEMs themselves doesn’t mean the community won’t pick up the pieces and take the torch onwards.

      Second point in question: “People invest money towards a Nexus device to have a clean UI that gets updated regularly” – Again, root your skinned device and flash a non-skinned rom onto it. Don’t like Sense on your One X or TouchWiz on your Galaxy S3? Flash an AOSP rom onto it. Many roms now a days have OTA capabilities from the devs themselves so custom roms alike will be updated regularly (with more things in it than the stock rom). You shouldn’t have to stick to Nexus branded devices because you want an unskinned atmosphere. Going to another (sometimes more powerful phone) and putting a new ROM onto it is one of the many things which separates Apple phones with Android based ones.

  2. Don Mega says:

    Some of these manufacturers are just banking off the publics ignorance of smart phone devices, while someone who knows nothing about a smart-phone would quickly regurgitate a bench test result, ask them how that bench test result improves the functionality of the phone and they would simply state, “Its faster”..?? Really? Running what OS?

    Samsung is set to take advantage of ignorant users with their S4 spec monster, keep in mind that these phones with top of the line hardware, don’t have the software to utilize any of the hardware to it’s full potential, making it a waste.

    Tell me your creating the next best flagship device with Android 6.0 or something then you might get me to glance at another handset other than the N4. Until then, all these new latest and greatest handsets don’t get the software updates on a regular schedule and even with the best hardware out, will be OLD NEWS without new software to utilize the upgraded hardware, it’s like running windows 2000 on a machine with 16 GB of RAM and i8 processor.

    1. Jack says:

      Amen to that. I try to tell Sammy fanboys that n they just want to fight with me n say that I’m ignorant tell me how is 4.1 better than 4.2 and the fact of not having Key Lime Pie in spring and still be on 4.1. I had a note 2 but did not like being behind I love the nexus 4 a lot more and yeah every phone has its ups n downs. having the latest software is my most important spec in my eyes.

    2. Chuck says:

      Totally agree with you, I sold my GS3 and got a N4 and it’s just absolutely incredible how fast this thing is! Almost every overlay I’ve seen for Android just clogs up the phone and not giving it’s full potential but the N4 dare i say it has the awesomeness of Android but the fluidity of the iShite. And i made a 150 quid return!

  3. goutham07 says:

    Whatever the specs say,, can HTC one come as the same price as NEXUS 4… helll nooo…… And pure vanilla Android……. Waiting to launch in India or will get from someone from US. but has no International warranty is my worry….. any good ideas guyssss……..

  4. sean says:

    Anyone who has ever had an HTC phone knows HTC abandons it’s customers. The Nexus 4 could have half the specs it currently has and I would still take it over HTC.

  5. J301 says:

    I bought a Nexus 4 and like it a lot, and it was very affordable even without the contract. I agree that the immediate Android updates are going to be nice. But: I got to play with the HTC One today – and I have to say that it is absolutely stunning. Seriously. Not just because of some feature – but everything… Build quality is fantastic. And the battery was still at over 70% after 23 hours since charging, although it probably wasn’t used heavily for most of those hours, so I’m not certain the battery life is going to be that great or not. Seems promising though. I didn’t look at the BlinkFeed feature, but I’m not sure it would matter to me. Great screen, dual front speakers, noise canceling mics, and infrared output… lots of cool stuff. Super elegant design. I’m in the US & use T-mobile – I think it will be quite expensive off-contract.

  6. No doubt the HTC One is an extremely epic level of improvement for an Android device and one that truly does out-class the build quality usually seen in only iPhones. The FRONT dual speakers, full HD screen at 4.7″ is beyond insane pixel density, not to mention the new type of camera sensor is just what kind of shake-up the smartphone wars needed.

    However, there’s Sense as an overlay, and if the phone reaches Att/Verizon/sprint, there’ll be far more bloatware on there than most would care to deal with. Not to mention I’m sure the off-contract price would be $600+ just as the iPhones are.

    And I have to admit, the price for non contract, because I’ll never go contract again, would be insane, not to mention the Galaxy S3 showed me that even the Android flag-waving phones still take far too unreasonably long to be updated to the latest Android version, I’m sure the One will have the same road block. All in all, after all the Smartphones, iphones and Droids, Nexus 4’s build quality, screen, camera and Vanilla OS which comes in a justifiable $350, even without the LTE or expandable memory (in which case neither have the jump there) it’s still by far, the best gizmo you can get for the price. Plus the freedom of not having to deal with carrier restrictions makes you realize just how seriously we all have been and are being taken advantage of by US carriers, which just makes the Nexus deal all the sweeter.

    iPhone 3G>Droid>DroidX>HTC EVO>Galaxy S>EVO 3D>Galaxy SII>iPhone 4S>Galaxy SIII>Nexus 4

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