iPhone 5 Marvel Comic Cases by Anymode


With Marvel Comic characters appearing on our screens, the Anymode team have partnered with Marvel to create a selection of striking phone covers for the iPhone 5.

Featuring Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk, these cases are a perfect choice for Marvel fans and film fanatics alike. Choose from specific characters, or a collage of comical prints and have your favourite character permanently present in your pocket.

Lightweight, easy to attach and offering protection from dust and dirt, these cases offer an alternative way to brighten up your iPhone 5. With an ultra sleek design, the case allows full access to the touchscreen, headphone jacks and control functions. Photo’s can easily be taken, with the flash exposed for convenient capturing.

Additionally, Anymode has paired up with NFC technology to incorporate sensory flashing onto each case. When a phone call, SMS or notification is received, the user can enable sensory flashing, activating the NFC section of the case to light up, obviously the iPhone 5 does not have NFC but we thought we would let you know because they have other cases that can fit smartphones with NFC.

These cases have not yet been released, we have been notified that the release date will be March and will be priced between £18 and £27. If you visit AnyMode just click on each of the photos shown to reveal what Marvel Character cases they have to offer.

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