Verzis 4-way multiplayer controller for smartphones and tablets


There are many game controllers you can purchase right now, but one that stands out a mile is the new Verzis 4-way multiplayer controller for smartphones and tablets, it will work with any iOS or Android device thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready.

4 players at once can play a number of games at the same time; Verzis already have games including music games, social mobile gaming, and action and quiz games. The 32 x 32 cm Verzis controller features 4 game pads with touch sensitive fields and all four players can touch the pads at the same time, which means it will recognise all touches applied.

The games available are called Tiësto, Planet Earth quiz, Kaboom, Voice music games, Sea Hero’s action game and one that is all about pirate ships.

The Verzis multiplayer game controller for will work with devices such as the iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 and many more.

The controller will priced at €39,95 and will be available electronics shops, warehouses and toy shops, just do some searching. Identity Games will launch the controller worldwide, just before the Holidays 2013.

We really want one of these so that we can give it a good testing, would you use the Verzis 4-way multiplayer controller for smartphones and tablets?

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