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We always enjoy bringing readers the gen about mobile apps, some popular and others more obscure, and also try to keep people informed about the latest app updates. The Chrome Android app is one such app that has just received an update and the changelog shows many new improvements that should satisfy a lot of users.

The Chrome for Android app is a free app from Google Play with compatibility varying by device. It provides smartphone and tablet users quick search and browsing facilities with a simple intuitive experience. Your Chrome experience can be synced from your computer by signing in, and searching and navigating can both be done from the same box with result suggestions as you type. There is also an incognito mode to enable browser privacy.

The latest update to the Chrome app for Android arrived yesterday and brings some welcome changes such as improvements to scrolling and more responsiveness to pinch-zooming. The latest V8 javascript engine also means faster interactivity with pages and users can now have audio continually playing even when Chrome is in the background, although it will pause if the phone is in use. There’s also more support for HTML5 features.

You can find out more about the Chrome Android app or download it from Google Play here. If you’re already a user of this Chrome app and have the latest update please let us know what you think of the changes by sending in your comments. Which is your favorite from the improvements made?


4 thoughts on “Google Chrome Android app update changes”

  1. Hobo says:

    The new update also expanded the required permissions of the app to include your incoming calls. Why exactly does Chrome need to know who’s calling me?

    1. Google’s life is all about growth through advertising and marketing.

      Bearing in mind that a tlephone number and its ‘linked’ email address are universally ‘joined’ … it won’t take Google long to work out where to send some marketing material to the two (or more …) participants in a phone call !

      And that’s before I start to worry/consider ‘voice pattern analysis’ as a means to untangle ‘who is talking to whom’ !!!

      ‘Gotcha !’

  2. Osckar says:

    Dear people of Google I live in the Web 24-7 and Chrome for PC is the best of the best , but what is going on with your Android version , just got it for my Tablet with Android 4.0.4 and surprise … IT DID NOT WORK !!!! ??? !!!

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