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If you’re an Android device enthusiast then you will already know about the phenomenal success of the latest Nexus device, the Google Nexus 4 smartphone from LG. This released last year and has already sold in big numbers but after a rather sorry tale of not enough supplies to meet demands, who knows how many more would have been sold if initial desire for the phone had been met. Attention is already turning to the Nexus 5 and LG claims it could well have a part to play in this next project as well, but would this be a wise or rather foolhardy move on Google’s part?

There’s no denying that the Nexus 4 is a great phone and combined with a great price through Google Play and the fact that as a Nexus device it offered a pure Google Android experience, it always looked to be heading for success. This of course was proven correct but the saga of Google and LG not being able to meet demand has been well documented and it’s only now that this situation is finally evening out.

The launch of the Nexus 4 was seen pretty much as a fiasco with Google blaming LG for not being able to produce enough units and LG claiming that Google had vastly underestimated the units that would be needed. The idea then that the next Nexus device, currently dubbed the Nexus 5, might also be made by LG seems rather odd to us. Only a few days ago we spoke about the Nexus 5 and the Motorola X phone and how they could well be one and the same device, which looked increasingly likely.

Despite Google’s acquisition of Motorola though, we also told how Google is insisting that all of its partners, such as HTC and Samsung, will be treated fairly as a potential maker of the next Nexus device, a statement meant to reassure other manufacturers that all possibilities were still open. However we now hear that LG claims to be in talks with Google about building the Nexus 5, rumored to be big news at Google’s I/O in May.

At Mobile World Congress this year LG was pretty quiet but IB Times managed to speak to UK Product Manager of LG, Shaun Musgrave. When questioned about the Nexus 4 successor Musgrave said that LG was one of those in the running to produce it and said negotiations were currently taking place with Google about it. This suggests that the Motorola involvement in the next Nexus device is not as cut-and-dried as many had thought.
It may of course be the case that as well as negotiations with LG, talks are also taking place with other potential partners for the Nexus 5 such as HTC, Asus and Samsung. Either way, it does appear that the maker of the Nexus 5 has certainly not been confirmed yet.

As part of the same discussion Musgrave said the Nexus 4 will improve further once it can benefit from the next major OS upgrade, which he also confirmed would be called Key Lime Pie, as we suspected. Interesting stuff then and it seems that the question of the Nexus 5 maker becomes more mysterious with each passing day. Of course we shall be following developments on this and will keep you informed. We’d really be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you think Google would be quite mad to consider LG as the producer for the Nexus 5, especially considering the shortcomings of the Nexus 4 launch? Maybe you’re not really worried who makes the next Nexus device as you already think it will be awesome whoever is involved? Alternatively you may be hoping that Samsung has some involvement or that the device turns out to be the Motorola X phone? Send us your comments on this.

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3 thoughts on “Nexus 5 prospect of LG involvement again”

  1. Usaamah Gill says:

    I think this is a pretty silly accusation to make. The Nexus 4 has been without a doubt the most beautifully crafted, and perhaps most functional and powerful nexus device to date by far.. But to say that Google would be mad to choose LG as a partner again is illogical.

    All signs really pointed to Google being the one to blame, being the ones severely underestimating demand. LG has met all the demand as soon as they bumped up their production to meet newer projections. So it would be foolhardy to assume a Google LG partnership would be a bad idea on the current ground. Google now has more logistical information about the demand for the Nexus 4, and no doubt they will use that in the next Nexus devices marketing and production projections. LG will more than fulfill the demand.

    LG has made the best devices on the market since the release of the Optimus G/Nexus 4 (they are for all intents and purposes pretty much the same phone) and they’ve shown they really are ready to step into the high end arena and deliver experiences more compelling than either of Apple of Samsung.They made a phone much more powerful and more beautiful than either of the aforementioned companies flagships, and now with the release of the Optimus G Pro, they’ve already delivered a refresh that is first in its class to market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt a more anticipated phone with its huge fanbase from the S3, but will it be the best device? All signs point to no. LGs G Pro already has the base specs of the S4 and is already in the market with the Snapdragon 600 chipset. LG has superior displays, a better build quality all around, and a more appealing design aesthetic (obviously this is subjective).. Then we have the anticipation of the G2 in Fall (September-November release worldwide) which will either pack the even more powerful Snapdragon 800, or a proprietary 8-core processor. LGs software has continually evolved and now is more streamlined, and has many of the same or improved features (although they do lack some of the features Samsung’s Touchwiz totes) as their competition, and they look to be continually improving and streamlining it more. Personally I found LG take on Android to be rather light, and very efficient in terms of battery consumption and power sipping, and still delivered a reliable and enjoyable experience.

    Now the question of course is, will the Nexus 5 be based off the G Pro? And be the first device to push android 5.0.0.. or will it be based off the G2 (no doubt this will give the Nexus 5 more longevity, because it will outlast LGs own offering, as opposed to if its based off the G Pro, LGs G2 will surpass the Nexus 5). Obviously basing it off the G Pro would allow it to get to market much quicker, and it doesnt seem like well see the new device very soon, although it wouldnt be going too far ahead to say its already being designed. LG wants the G2 to be running 5.0.0 stock I believe, so the timeline would become a bit conflicting with the Nexus 5.. I think that gives a good indication though of when both devices might drop.. and it would make more sense for the Nexus 5 to be based off the G2 and pioneer 5.0.0, while being followed to market by its elder brother the G2.

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