Nexus 5 and Motorola X Phone could be one device


Many of you will have been following all of the recent leaks and rumors about a collaboration between Google and Motorola, dubbed the Motorola X phone or sometimes the Google X phone. There has been some debate over whether this will be the next Nexus device and various reports have at different times said it might be or it definitely won’t be while other reports have discussed the Nexus 5 as a completely different device. Today Google has spoken about its relationship with Motorola insisting that the company is considered as equal as other partners such as Samsung and HTC, so what could this mean? Is it possible that the Nexus 5 and Motorola X Phone could be one device?

There has been some consternation among major smartphone makers about the recent acquisition of Motorola by Google amid concerns that Motorola may be treated more favorably as a partner when it comes to a new Nexus device. However it seems that Google is keen to point out that all manufacturers have a fair crack of the whip.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google vice president of engineering at Android, made it quite clear that Motorola is considered just the same as other partners by saying, “It’s almost as if they are a separate company,” even adding that a wall existed between the Nexus side of the business and Motorola. When asked about the possibility of Motorola taking part in a Nexus device again, Lockheimer went on to say that Google treats all of its partners fairly, adding, “Motorola we consider a partner just like HTC and Samsung.”

While this doesn’t imply that the next Nexus device will be from Motorola, it certainly doesn’t rule it out but no doubt the likes of Samsung may be reassured to hear Google’s stance on this. LG, Asus and Samsung all participated in Nexus products last year and appreciate the prestige of being involved with the major fanfare that comes with Nexus device launches but of course Motorola would no doubt like some of the action too.

Google’s other partners may still be feeling some disquiet though about the rumored Motorola X Phone, as there is still a possibility that this could be the next in the line of Nexus devices although Google neither confirms nor denies that. The Motorola X is attracting a huge amount of interest and if you want to find out some more about it we have already posted articles on specs claims, the possibility of a new OS and even a concept design. As for the Nexus 5 that some enthusiasts are already discussing, there is of course scope for that phone to be one and the same as the Motorola or Google X phone.

We’d really like to hear your views on this. Are you following developments about the Motorola X Phone and is your feeling that this could be a Nexus device? If not do you think there’s a possibility that Google could hand the next Nexus to Motorola as well or is one of its other partners more likely? Send us your comments on this.

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10 thoughts on “Nexus 5 and Motorola X Phone could be one device”

  1. Justin Foster says:

    I think it’s Motorola’s turn, frankly. Samsung started, LG just got last dibs, so why not let Moto do the next Nexus? It also makes sense that Moto would be up to the plate seeing its profits haven’t been the best lately. I think it’d be a rather silly choice for Google not to let Moto do the next Nexus because, whether its a partner just like Sammy and LG or not, its still GOOGLE’s subsidiary now. They won’t let a company directly under their own umbrella go down. If Moto fails, Google suffers too. Motorola might not be shown any “favoritism” but it’ll surely have some of Google’s favor, I think.

    1. ... says:

      HTC, LG and Samsung already made nexus, this leaves Motorola and Sony. I would actually rather have the choice of both with the x phone as a separate device with stock android like the nexus, and a nexus with similar specs by Sony or HTC.

      1. Justin Foster says:

        Yea, that’d be cool too. I would like a Sony Nexus too, but I fear two things:

        1. No Sony flavor. A pure Nexus device by Sony wouldn’t have any of the qualities that Timescape junkies are used too, lol.

        2. Too expensive. Sony doesn’t have a history of affordable or cheap phones which is iconic of the Nexus line.

  2. vperl says:

    Stay with Android, just keep the updates coming.

    Make the Nexus 5 Sprint Network compatible.

    Huge removable battery

    Long list of products for the N 5

    Bendable glass

    Sprint to actuall have complete coverage of LTE that one does not need to be in a Sprint store to get, or standing under a Sprint LTE tower.

  3. Francis M. Hurd says:

    I see two issues here one google has two companies that are out that have not designed a nexus Motorola and Sony. Two Google owns Motorola and has the chance to increase profit margin by producing a flagship pure android phone. As we have seen most companies that have produced the nexus series phone have not given a great product for Google. At best they have used the nexus series as a test bed for their flagship phones. Now Google is able to set up the market for a profit margin take over due to their vested interest. Make their flagship phone and give Sony the nexus series to show true fairness across the board. Or combine the time and delay the nexus series and give full attention to their flagship phone which currently carries the title X phone.

  4. Francis M. Hurd says:

    Things the x phone should come with:

    1. International capability i.e SIM card

    2. All carriers Sprint should link with google and Motorola as they are putting Sprint in the positive with their new Lte network and this x phone could really work for the carrier that takes advantage of it.

    3. Battery may it come as a non-removable battery or not with all the functions of a cell phone today not many have a battery that is giving the consumer true satisfaction.

    4. Keep the phone thin screen size should stay within 4.7 to 5.0 not a fan of the five point zero but as long as it is a well put together phone the magic of non bezel screen to give better size and quality without going to large will make a bigger impact and difference.

    5. 2 gigs of RAM or pushing the limit with three gigs of ram. My concern is the strain on the battery.

    6. Camera from the speculations and the sounds of the Sony camera it should come without a better camera and clear the Motorola past of not offering a descent camera.

    7. Internal memory I am a fan of the concept of having choice with the on board memory which will or should cover 32, 64, and 128 which to me comes as a challenge again on the power source i.e the battery.

    8. The concept design that was shown in a recent article was nice but I was not impressed with the design and google should take a look at that fact. Most phones are thin by today’s standards. Apple’s iPhone is one of the thicker phones around

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