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At Phones Review we always enjoy bringing readers details of new innovations and today we have news of the iPhone Magic Case. This is an accessory with a difference and comes from Indiegogo as a crowdfunding campaign. The funding required is $50,000 with almost $3000 raised so far from backers and if enough funding is raised then the Magic Case will begin shipping in May 2013. Read on for more on this very clever design.

The Magic Case with Smart Panel is for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. It’s a three-part system with two light frames attached to each other that clasp onto the iPhone. A polyurethane cover with magnets then fits perfectly on the front and back, attached on the side (no screws or adhesive needed). The Magic Case claims to reduce radiation using industrial aluminum foil and 3 small aluminum parts and mini antenna inside the cover. This means that the cover pushes radiation from the phone away from the user by up to 90% and it also protects the user when the phone is back in the pocket.

The Magic Case is slim yet sturdy offering protection for the display, back and all buttons, speakers and connectors. Drop tests from 8 feet indoors and outdoors, onto both flat and rocky surfaces showed successful protection and the outer metal frame is covered in durable high-quality plastic. The Magic Case also enables the iPhone user to see the time and date display with a precision cutout and another for slide and caller ID means there’s no need to open the case to answer a phone call.

Using SIRI is still easy when the Magic Case is on your iPhone and the home button can still be used when the case is closed. There’s also an opening for the rear camera and the covers are easy to remove if required. The iPhone will “magically” wake up on opening the Magic Case’s cover and turns off automatically when closing it again. As if that’s not enough the Magic Case can also act as an iPhone stand for landscape and portrait orientation and the well-positioned magnets mean you can mount your iPhone to any magnetically responsive surface.

You can also hang your iPhone from the internal mirror in your car as the Magic Case also has a flexible hanger and of course this means that you can also hang it from other equipment. By the way, the hanger can also be used as a bottle opener, for anything from coke to beer. If you think that must be the end now to the functionality of the Magic Case for iPhone then you’re mistaken as it also features a wallet on the back that can secure two credit cards and some bills. As well as all this the Magic Case will also keep the charger cable and cords secure and tidy. You can see more about the Magic Case in the video below this story and we love the description that one website gave, saying that the case “almost turns the iPhone into a Swiss Army Knife.” You can also check out more details or back the project at Indiegogo here.

The Magic Case will come in blue, pink, green, gray and black color options and we think it should appeal to plenty of iPhone owners. Ultimately we think this is a very ingenious and clever case for your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 but what do you think. Do you hope the Magic Case receives enough funding to bring it to the market? Will you be willing to back the project? Send us your comments on this.

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