Android Gingerbread still rules the roost, Jelly Bean gaining


The Android platform often gets criticised, mainly by iPhone fans, about its apparent fragmentation with numerous versions of the software still being used, which can be a problem for app developers though. The latest figures for the platform shows that Android Gingerbread still rules the roost with Jelly Bean gaining.

February’s distribution numbers for Android and the month of February have been released, and show that Android Gingerbread is running on the majority of hardware still being used. The user base is currently sitting at 44.2% which is a fall from 45.6%, while the various versions of Jelly Bean are being used by 16.5% of Android users.

While Android Gingerbread is over two years old now it remains the most used version of the Android OS, but this will be partly down to the fact some handsets are seemingly stuck on the software such as the HTC Droid Incredible 2.

Ice Cream Sandwich has seen a fall of only 0.4% and is still be used by 28.6% of users, but its Jelly Bean that is the biggest mover upwards with an almost 3% increase compared to last month. It will be further increased in the coming weeks as more new hardware becomes available, as the Sony Xperia Z is becoming available to consumers, and the HTC One is due to reach end users in the next few days.

There are still some users that are using the ancient Donut and Eclair at 0.2% and 1.9% respectively, while Android 2.2 Froyo accounts for 7.6%.

What version of Android is your handset currently running?

Source: Android Developers.

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