Galaxy S3 & Nexus 4 Dodocase Durables Wallet accessory to wow


We always enjoy bringing readers details of accessories for their brand-new smartphones and increasingly we are hearing more about wallet cases, a great idea as they combine the convenience of carrying your smartphone and wallet into one unit. Today we have news of the DODOcase Durables Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 that will wow and protect your phone at the same time.

The Dodocase Durables Wallets are hand-crafted from premium materials and the phones fit snugly inside the cases, securely enough that they won’t be flung out when you are retrieving cash or cards from the wallet case. The case comes with two pouches for cash or cards and the contrast of waxed leather and canvas is a really classy and appealing design and it also has rounded corners at one end for easy sliding in and out of pockets.

The Dodocase Durables Wallet for Nexus 4 is priced at $49.95 and it’s the same price for the Galaxy S3 version and although this is not exactly cheap it does offer your phone some protection, saves you carrying a separate wallet and actually looks really good too. There’s a lot of attention to detail in the Durables Wallet such as the sage waxed duck canvas exterior, orange cotton interior, mahogany leather and contrast stitching.

Dimensions of the Galaxy S3 Durables Wallet case are 3.5-inches x 5.75-inches x 0.25-inches and the Nexus 4 case is the same. You can check out more information or order the Dodocase Durables Wallet at Dodocase for the Galaxy S3 here or the Nexus 4 here. Does this kind of wallet case appeal to you? Will you be ordering one for your Galaxy S3 or Nexus 4 smartphone?

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