New Wildwood Story Map app features story and game mode


We all love new apps and today we have found another for iOS users, always good to see new innovative ways to interact with an app and we think that this will be just for you. Content design and creation company, Somethin’ Else has today announced, in close collaboration with Canongate Books, the launch of the Wildwood Story Map app. The new app is based on the first book in the fantasy adventure series, the Wildwood Trilogy by Colin Meloy.

Aimed at 8-12 year-olds, Wildwood Story Map follows the journey of two young protagonists, Prue and Curtis as they travel from their normal lives into the magical world of the Impassable Wilderness in order to save Prue’s baby brother, Mac who has been abducted by crows.

The app comes with two different modes — Story and Game Mode:

Story Mode
Provides users with access to an interactive companion map in which pinch and zoom functionality allows them to see specific areas of Wildwood. They also have the ability to follow the stories of Prue and Curtis simultaneously or individually. By swiping across the chapter ribbon readers are able to advance through the story as well as read excerpts and view illustrations taken from the original book.

Game Mode
Players are given the task to save baby Mac from the evil enemy, Alexandra. By tilting the device players guide Prue around the map and collect purple tokens on the way in order to unlock the cage.

Neville Daniel, Producer, Somethin’ Else, says: “The core challenge for us was to create an interactive story map that could act as a guide to the first book of The Wildwood Trilogy (“Where was Prue in Chapter 7?”), while at the same time giving a flavour of the world (without spoiling the story!) for those who haven’t yet started reading.

We were delighted to collaborate closely with Canongate to create something that, we believe, is a new slant on bringing alive peoples, places and events in fictional worlds.
It was a particular joy to have the chance to play in such a vivid and enchanting world. Roll on Book 3!”

Cate Cannon, Head of Marketing & Digital Content, Canongate, adds: “We wanted to produce something that was really a companion guide to the story, using the beautiful illustrations and taking you into another world — without compromising your actual reading of the book itself. We always loved the idea of immersing yourself in the map and going on a journey with the characters.

At the same time, the app had to be fun and appealing to the age group, so the combination suggested by Somethin Else of a storymap and game to find Mac was a great solution. The result is a beautifully executed app that will appeal to the real fans but also draw in new readers who want to keep playing the game.”

Please visit the App Store right now to install the cool looking Wildwood Story Map app that is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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