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It seems that we’re all on tenterhooks today waiting for the official Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement from the event in New York. However some people are already looking ahead to Galaxy S’s of the future and today we have an intriguing Samsung Galaxy S6 look that’s been conjured up with clever imagination.

The artistic designers of this concept Galaxy S6 decided to miss a generation and it’s probably because they want to look at something more innovative and further down the line than the very next model and give us an idea of where the Galaxy S line could head in the years ahead. We enjoy looking at the odd concept idea, as it’s always good to see what future products could look like.

This Galaxy S6 concept is purely about the design and the designers, Apple Conspiracy, give no specs for this idea. However you can probably come up with your own revolutionary ideas for what you’d like the Galaxy S6 to carry specs-wise. The design has a display size of around 4.5-inches with larger than usual edges around the screen (against the trend for edge-to-edge displays).

It also looks extremely slim as you can see in the image above and rather amusingly, although this is a futuristic Galaxy S phone it’s still made of the traditional Samsung plastic. This is something that Samsung Galaxy S phone owners would like to see changed and usually attracts some criticism because of the cheap look and feel but the designers assert that plastic is really not so bad. They point out that this Galaxy S6 might be plastic but would have a Hyperskin protective nano-coating.

Intriguingly there’s no audio jack or charging terminals and this is because it’s anticipated that by the time we get to the Galaxy S6 everything will be wireless. We really like the look of this concept Galaxy S6 and are really interested to find out what you think of it? You can see more renders in a slideshow at the source link below. Would you like the Galaxy S6 to look like this? Send us your comments on this. Meanwhile you might be interested in the Galaxy S4 event today and we have details of times and live streaming.

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  1. The future Samsung models will have two projector LEDs in them, one will project its screen on a wall, and the other will project a small keyboard or manipulation screen onto the table on which it is placed. A depth-camera will read the input across the projection. This will allow the camera to project a virtual keyboard onto the tabletop, and the user would type onto keys like a regular keyboard. The more powerful projector LED will show movies and internet browsing in a much bigger format than would be possible with just a screen, up to a foot or two. Small, folding high-efficiency reflecting screens will be popular accessories.

    Another change will be an ancillary capacitor back in addition to the battery, which will allow small movements to add power to the battery and will extend the battery about 25% or so, depending on the user’s movements.

    The LED screen will have a PV layer under it which will convert part of the light striking it back into energy for the phone, and it will also allow easy readability in bright sunlight.

    The biggest change though will be in the SB standard, secure bluetooth, that will allow you to walk up to your standard terminal, and you will immediately have a slave computer synced to the phone in your pocket and your cloud data. The whole idea of laptops with personal data will be somewhat extinct … your phone will control access to your cloud, and laptops will be for conveniently accessing your stuff. Car keys, house keys, credit cards and secure toggles will all be programmed into your phone with SB, people like to just have one item to remember. And if you lose your phone, you’ll be able to dial your number with your “suspend” passkey that will disable it remotely, and allow for instant re-up to a replacement, or sometimes “loaner” phone.

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