Galaxy S3 & Note 2 to get some S4 love in future updates


Samsung has wowed the smartphone world with its new Galaxy S4 device that away from the improved specifications features some great new software features, but owners of the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 needn’t be too downhearted as many of these new features will be coming in future updates.

The handset features some great new specs but there is a number of new software features that also looked good at the showcase event, and PCMag were talking to Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo about the improvements to the handsets features.

He stated that many of these features could be coming to other Samsung handsets as long as they are not dependent on hardware such as infrared. Not all of the new camera features will likely be coming but some of the features such as Smart Scroll and Air View options could quite easily come in new software updates.

The S Translator feature could quite easily be integrated into the older smartphones, and it is thought that the Galaxy S3 will be seeing the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update in the coming weeks now that the new features of the Galaxy S4 have been revealed.

We have seen this before with features that debuted on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 eventually finding their way to older hardware including the Galaxy S3, but it is doubtful if all them would be added to the handsets though or many users will decide not to upgrade to the new model.

Which of the new features would you most like to see on the Galaxy S3 or Note 2?

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