Galaxy S4 S Health for diet, calorie and fitness purposes


The Samsung Galaxy S4 as we said is mind blowing and we gave you a few details on specs, now we want to pay a little more attention to the new Galaxy S4 S Health feature.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 features new sensors within as well as a built-in pedometer, thanks to this technology in this smartphone users will get the full benefit of tracking steps taken, it is also great for diets because this new feature will count the calories thanks to the database of common food items within, it will measure ambient humidity and temperature of the room you are in.

S Health can cleverly sync with third-party glucose meters and blood pressure monitors via Bluetooth to check your health, Samsung is looking at fitness fans and will be releasing new accessories, one of these will be called the S Band that is a pedometer bracelet, this accessory is for those that do not wish to carry the 5-inch Galaxy S4 when they are doing certain activities. When you have finished your fitness regime you just take the S Band and sync it with the phone, other things that will soon work with S Health include the likes of Body Scale a heart-rate monitoring bands.

As soon as we know more about the accessories that will work well with the new Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health we will notify you ASAP. More information coming soon, what do you think so far?

See the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 right here, all comments most welcome.

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