Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S prices slashed at RadioShack


With any new tech product after it has been available for a number of months the price is likely to fall in readiness of a new model to clear stock, and now the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4S have had their prices slashed at RadioShack.

Leading up to the unveiling of the Galaxy S4 we already saw some price drops for the Galaxy S3, and now retailer RadioShack is discounting a number of leading smartphones when taken with a new two year contract. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can now be had from the retailer on Sprint for only $49.99 when signing up to a new account with the carrier.

This is a reduction from $199.99 and the retailer is also offering $50 discounts on the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, but this offer is only available in the brick and mortar stores and not online. This is likely to be the first of a number of different deals being put up by retailers and carriers around the world for all three handsets.

We recently heard how waiting for six months before purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 could save consumers up to 25 percent, which is a good saving but many won’t be able to wait that long before getting their hands on the new shiny tech from Samsung.

If you wait that long to purchase a new smartphone it is likely to be only a short time for the next model is unveiled.

Will you be picking up one of these deals?

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