Samsung Smart Watch confirmed, been in development a while


The development of smartphones in recent times has brought with it more advanced accessories that are often provided by third party manufacturers, and now the Samsung Smart Watch has been confirmed with the device being in development for a while.

Samsung has confirmed it is working on a smart watch that will supposedly work as a companion to the likes of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. There have been rumours that Apple has been working on an iWatch for a number of months now, and there is already the Sony SmartWatch available to Android users.

The device is rumoured to act like a mini computer connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, and allow users to quickly check the likes of SMS messages, emails, missed calls, and social media updates.

Samsung didn’t provide any information about when the device will become available, but Lee Young Hee from the company said they have “been preparing the watch product for so long”, and the company is working extremely hard on getting the device ready for release. The Smart Watch is said to be among a number of other products currently in development.

While no pricing or release information was given by the Samsung executive the device must be nearing availability, and if Apple also release a similar product it will be another area the company’s will do battle in.

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Source: Bloomberg.


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  1. Will the display used a color eink technology? Our TrueTyme Android widget, wallpaper and app (a unique clock for vampires, werewolves and everybody else affected by the sun and moon), turns aSony SmartWatch into a sexy “TTistWatch. Looks great in bars, offices and other places indoors. But the Sony SmartWatch display gets washed out in direct sunlight.

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