iOS 7 features good enough for the majority


When iOS 6 was released is was made compatible with devices such as the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, today we will concentrate on the iPhone only especially when it comes to the next operating system release. What we need to look into is of course iOS 7 features being good enough for the majority, we all know it is coming but will it be exciting enough for iPhone users?

The initial release for iOS 6 was back in September 19, 2012 and the latest update was 6.1.2 that released on February 19, 2013. It was actually a surprise to see that iOS 6 supported devices such as the early iPhone 3GS but we have in the back of our minds iOS 7 will not make its way onto this iPhone version, it will be too large with many features and the 3GS will not be powerful enough to handle the software update.

The question that lies in the back of our minds is “Can Apple really revamp the whole OS in just six months that will have us in awe?”

We have already mentioned a little earlier today that the new iPhone 5S that should release this summer could come with a killer feature, but will this be enough to go up against the features that was released on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and that will be making its way onto the S3 and Note series? Could this new iPhone 5S killer feature be none other than the iOS 7 release? Good questions need some solid answers, and we will of course be answering these as soon as we learn more.

There are a few that are doubting iOS 7 and that many iPhone users will be very disappointed indeed when it is finally released, personally we say it will be groundbreaking because Apple needs to climb a few ladders to make it so special. We published a news article on the 5th of this month covering the iOS 7 wishlist features that includes the likes of an overhauled Photos app, live feed of activity, Game Center update, customizable avatars, we even mentioned others such as an in-app chat lobby, how about other features such as a “Kill All” button for the multitasking bar.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Smart Scroll, Air gestures and so much more, some may say these are just gimmicks and some will love them to bits, so what can Apple do to bring new smiles for iPhone customers with iOS 7?

Personally it will be the iOS 7 release that will be more exciting and favoured rather than a new iPhone 5S, this new smartphone release will just look the same as the iPhone 5 but with some cool features to boot. We say that the iOS 7 features will be good enough for the majority not the 5S, but obviously those that own the iPhone 3GS will be disappointed because we cannot see this handset handling the feature-rich iOS 7.

There is no way Apple should allow huge customisation because this would then put them on par with Android, some say that this will degrade the customer experience, do you agree? iPhone users will strongly stick to their word that they do not need to update custom ROMS or mess around with the settings all the time, they believe that Android software constantly get’s played around with and if you have the perfect operating system why do you need to play around with it all the time to make it perfect.

Apple Maps will most definitely get an overhaul, and we have to remember that when iOS 6 was released it came with over 200 new features that really did not excite; iOS 7 will be massive and can see it being good enough for the majority, what the features will be is all a mystery. But what we do know is that most will stick with the iPhone 5 and just install the new iOS 7, what is the point of buying a new iPhone 5S that will look the same but with a faster process etc, if the phone looks different then this will be a whole new ball game.


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