iOS 7 essential wish list roundup


Many users of Apple devices are already looking forward to the next major upgrade to the mobile operating system, iOS 7. Customarily an updated iOS arrives just prior to a new iPhone so that the iPhone 5 launched on iOS 6 for example, and the iPhone 4S on iOS 5. Thus iOS 7 will probably be introduced around the same time as the next iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. We’ve spoken before of some of our hopes for iOS 7 features and so we thought it would be interesting to give you a wish list roundup from around the web to see what ideas are out there.

There’s a lot of confusion regarding whether the next iPhone is more likely to release in the summer or fall and to be frank until Apple chooses to let us know it’s all guesswork. Until then though we can all ponder over what we’d like to see included with iOS 7 and there are a myriad of suggestions from plentiful sources. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’d like to see a very fresh new look for iOS 7 and if Apple could come up with something really groundbreaking as well, even better.

Just some of the wishes we’ve seen so far include location-based settings profiles, proximity notifications and smarter autocorrect, so take a look at some of these other wish lists and see what you agree with and let us know if you have some ideas of your own for iOS 7 inclusions.

Firstly there are 15 feature ideas on ZDNet that are mainly aimed at making iOS 7 more appealing to enterprise users. These include more of a divide between personal and work use and BlackBerry Balance brought this to the BlackBerry platform, while we recently heard of Samsung’s KNOX feature that may come to the Galaxy S4. Other suggestions include better email management, automatic app updates, location-aware sound profiles and much more.

If you’re more of a gaming enthusiast on your mobile device then you’ll appreciate an iOS 7 wish list from Pocket Gamer. These include a Game Center update and re-design, a live feed of activity, customizable avatars, overhauled Photos app, improved multitasking and in-app chat lobby.

For a iOS 7 wish list in real list form there’s an excellent comprehensive one available at Hub Pages. This list is added to over time and so far they have come up with 95 suggestions! Just a few of these include live Weather and Clock icons, a more functional lock screen, ability to download and save files from Safari, native iOS dictionary application. Check it out for a whole lot more and we think you’ll be nodding your head at quite a few of the items on this list.

The final wish list looked at for our roundup comes from Tech Radar with 12 ideas that they’d really like to see arrive with iOS 7. Suggestions include the ability to hide Apple apps, change app defaults and change Siri’s voice and another good idea is to offer App Store demos, that’s something we think a lot of readers would like to see. You may also be interested in our previous post on iOS 7 concept videos here.

We’d really like to hear what you think of these wish lists. After checking them out please come back to us and let us know what ideas are the most important features that you would like for iOS 7? Have you got any proposals for something that would be truly groundbreaking and innovative that would really get people talking about iOS 7? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us and other readers by sending your comments.

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