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There has been a lot of talk lately about the next major Apple mobile operating system, iOS 7. A new iOS usually appears just before the next iPhone release and there are plenty of ideas already being bandied about for what new features and improvements could be made following iOS 6. Today we have some videos to show you that have some great ideas that could be incorporated into iOS 7 and we’d like to know what you think, or what else you’d like to see.

Earlier this month we posted an article that showed three concept videos for iOS 7 and potential improvements that could be made. Today we have some more videos from YouTube showing other aspects that would be good additions for iOS 7. The first video is an iOS quick-app-switching concept and you can see the short 23-second video below this post, along with the other videos we’re going to mention. The quick-app-switching idea actually comes from the creator of the much-praised Auxo jailbreak tweak, Sentry and would make the app-switching process much quicker.

The next brief video we have to show you is iOS prototype — lock screen drawer. This video is from imjeanmark and shows a provision for quick toggles for Bluetooth and more from a tray accessible from the lock screen. We then have an iOS 7 multitasking concept 48-second video from BlogB13, which shows some very neat multitasking ideas. The same creator came up with an iOS 7 notification center concept (version 2) in our previous post linked to in the second paragraph.

BlogB13 has also designed a new social hub app as an overhaul for the iOS contacts app and you can also see this video below our story. Finally, one thing that has been mentioned many times as an improvement for the next major iOS update is widgets and we’ve also got a short video showing a resizable app icons concept from YouTube user Max Rudberg.

So far there have been mixed reports about whether the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 with some leaks suggesting we could see both models this year. There is also a split between those who feel the next iPhone will come in the summer after Apple’s WWDC or in the fall but either way we’d expect the arrival of iOS 7 to tally closely with that of the next iPhone. We’ve already spoken about some of the features mentioned on wish lists for iOS 7 and one thing we feel strongly about is that Apple needs to come up with something fresh, and dare we say groundbreaking, for iOS 7.

We’d like to hear from you then about what you’d like to see on iOS 7? Do you like the ideas in any of these concept videos? Maybe you have your own ideas for something that could make iOS 7 truly innovative? Let us know with your comments.


12 thoughts on “iOS 7 concept videos show some great ideas”

      1. I’ll answer for him…nope.

        Get widgets yet? I’ll answer for you…nope.

        Get picture-in-picture yet? I’ll answer for you…nope.
        Get NFC yet? I’ll answer for you…nope.
        Get WiFi Direct yet? I’ll answer for you…nope.
        Get a clue yet? I’ll answer for you…nope.

        1. Luke says:

          Get quality apps yet.. Nope
          Get software updates yet .. Nope
          Get something that’s sole purpose is to log your activity and actions to feed back to google to constantly force marketing on you.. Yep!

          1. Actually, the answer to your first 2 questions is Yep! My Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy S2 LTE are both running Jelly Bean. I have plenty of quality apps of both the productive and entertaining varieties. And I spent a quarter what you did for your iPad.

            Did you really need to spend £500 for the privilege of spending more money on iTunes? Or could you have spent less on the tablet AND the apps by buying a platform that doesn’t restrict your choice of app store?

  1. Apple…think the same (as Google and BlackBerry).

    The app-switching thing looks nice, but pretty similar to Android’s “recent apps” feature (accessed by a long-press on the home button). If Apple’s is customisable, that’d be a plus.

    The “Lock-screen drawer” is a total catch-up feature. BB10 and Android devices already sport this kind of feature.

    Social Hub is a pure reaction to BB10’s Hub (all they did was add the word “Social” to it).

    Resizable App Icons…hey look, they’re almost doing widgets! Almost.

    And still Apple supporters will say these are original, never-before-seen-on-a-mobile-phone features. Well of course they’ve never seen them before…they’ve never bothered to look anywhere else.

    1. Luke says:

      Lol, You do realise these are fan made concept videos….

      I’m not sure how apple is ‘reacting to BB10 hub’ by having a fan make a concept video about a feature that doesn’t exist but let’s not let a little thing like reality get in the way of a good ol’ apple critique.

  2. ronf57 says:

    Apple just filed a whole bunch of new patents centered on these innovations, that others created by-the-way.
    First to file folkes! If the patent wasn’t filed prior art is tough to prove.

  3. Harbmaster says:

    I think apple should just look at the jailbreaking community like they did when they hired that one jailbreak guy who made a notification enhancement to ios 4, she. They hired him, apple made really nice notifications in ios 6. I think, give. How apple is, I’m going to continue jailbreaking to customize the interface how I like..I know android can do it without rooting but I like ios better than android especially given how I use it. I want to see jailbreak tweaks of this before apple does it. Right now my i5 is jailbroken so I can unlock the carrier control and limitations. And change the multitask bar. Other tha. That I didn’t change anything else. I wish apple would simply do dashboard for iPad ( maybe iphone) and I love the social hub video. The multitask is pretty good, I think instead of having to drag up once your on the bad, you should double click one time and the phone pops up with ( I believe what the mad calls) mission contol. I would love to see launch pad so I can hide apps that I don’t really use.

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