iPhone 6 eye tracking is Galaxy S4 pointless gimmick


The debates are getting hotter by the day when it comes to Apple and Samsung and we want to look more into the iPhone 6 eye tracking is Galaxy S4 pointless gimmick. We are going to be brutal here and say that the Samsung event that was shown on Thursday was the worst we have ever seen, it was so Broadway with poor over acting with a twist of comedy that just did not work.

Do not get us wrong, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a stunning smartphone, and in that we mean the inside features because the design is not what you call groundbreaking jaw-dropping stuff is it.

Not New Technology Anymore
Yesterday we reported that the iPhone 6 could feature the new eye tracking technology (Read this full story here), and this is not the way to go for Apple because it is not anything new anymore considering the Samsung Galaxy S4 has it within.

Apple vs Samsung
Where does Samsung stand with Apple considering Apple owns a few eye tracking patents, it has also been said that a new start-up company may supply Apple with eye tracking and head tracking control for iOS devices. Personally eye tracking is a gimmick and yes everyone will love this technology on the Galaxy S4 but how long will the fun last?

Eye tracking is going to be like Siri, it was all good fun at first but does not hold any real purpose at all; in fact eye tracking is a gimmick that no one will probably use after a while. Do we really care if we look at a video playing and then by turning our heads away from a smartphone the video pauses, not really hard to push the pause button is it?

Eye Tracking Features That Would Work Well
How about eye tracking for the camera, you blink with a hard motion and it takes a photo for you in camera mode, it would be very clever indeed for the camera on the front to detect normal blinking and photos will not be taken, but blink hard and then it works in full glory.

Eye tracking to unlock the smartphone, or eye tracking for gaming purposes, please do give us your ideas where eye tracking would work well.

Phones Review Reader’s Comments
Some of our readers have said that Samsung has taken a giant step forward and that there is no way Apple can compete, and that iPhone innovation is very slow indeed. We have to remember that Apple users are loyal and 80 percent of iPhone users will stick with Apple simply because the OS eco system is more secure than Android, and syncing Apple iPhone’s to other Apple products is seamless and works well.

iPhone 6 Innovation
Apple really needs to think out of the box when it comes to the iPhone 6, we have to forget the iPhone 5S because that will be a iPhone 5 refresh with a few tweaks on the software, we could be wrong but you only have to look at the move forward from the iPhone 4 to the 4S.

The iPhone 6 needs a complete new design, get rid of the home button, add a built-in projector or something, how about a projected keyboard. There are so many things Apple can do seeing how much money and resources they have, step away from simplicity and re-invent the iPhone.

Are you bored with the iPhone or do you still believe it is the best smartphone on the market? If you have any new ideas for the iPhone 6 please do share with us, and please do let us know if you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 eye tracking feature is a gimmick or not?


4 thoughts on “iPhone 6 eye tracking is Galaxy S4 pointless gimmick”

  1. Marcus says:

    I think the built in projector would be an absolute winner for the iPhone 6. I have seen this built into a handy cam of a friend of mine. There’s nothing like sitting around the camp fire watching video footage of your days events on the side of your car door (preferably white). I know I would be the first in to scoop up one of those iPhones if they has the projector. Not to sure about the projected keyboard but would give it a go.

  2. mayn says:

    well, i do think apple must kick it up a big notch. Im getting tired of the same phone being re-released. I do love apple and own everything apple. Just getting bored. Not that the GS4 is much to be excited about either, but it is different. I am holding for apple at this time though. As far as eye tracking, it would be cool if it scrolled for you, the pause thing isnt that impressive. Come on apple, rooting for you but i keep getting let down. Please make this round bigger and impressive.

  3. ymarangos says:

    eye tracking can be used (1) for aufocus of areas that you are looking at (2) double blink to open an app/select a song you are looking at (3) lip reading for more accurate sound recognition (4) Automatic translation straight from the camera – there are paid apps that do that.. But I would prefer if we could get a bit more creative. Use the lense of the camera not just to take photos, but also to project. Move the back camera to the ear piece so that you can add wider lenses for better light capture in dark rooms.

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