iPhone 5S giant killer feature & iOS 7 to combat Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy S4 that was announced last week was very interesting indeed, and with new features that actually makes sense included Air View, S Health, Smart Pause and new Gestures, the company is providing consumers with interactivity on a whole new level. Now Apple needs to follow suit to compete against a hungry consumer base that wants’ class, who needs more interesting features.

Today we found that Apple may just bring such things to the table with its next iPhone instalment, yes the one with the ‘S’ at the end of the 5. Apparently the new iPhone 5S will have a new giant killer feature & iOS 7 to combat the likes of rival’s Samsung.

Financial blog Barron’s reports that Morgan Stanley’s Apple expert Katy Huberty had an interview on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report and some new things came to light that is rather interesting. This year is going to be big for Apple when they release the iPhone 5S that will come with a new killer feature, this could be very interesting indeed considering Apple have some amazing patents such as phones that can be squeezed and inductive smartphone covers, and we all know iOS 7 is coming soon.

Huberty mentioned that AAPL is approaching a bottom and that they are thinking about returning more cash, Apple is all about innovation and that is why consumers own the iPhone. “Samsung Electronics Galaxy S4 came out last week, that shows you the innovation cards are up for grabs.”

Phones Review Say’s: The iPhone 4S was a boring upgrade after the iPhone 4, so Apple really needs to bring something special to the table and not release a iPhone 5 refresh, the 5S needs a killer feature that makes everyone sit back in awe with the word “WoW” coming into mind, the handset needs iOS 7. It is pointless releasing a new iPhone with a few features that we already know, they need to step up and think beyond Samsung and not grab a Samsung feature by adding a little enhancement to make it better, something completely different that we have never seen before is very much needed.

The iPhone 5S should debut this summer, what killer feature do you want?


12 thoughts on “iPhone 5S giant killer feature & iOS 7 to combat Samsung”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Apple and the words innovative or innovation never go hand and hand. That’s meant and always will be all about Samsung. Samsung innovates and have been extremely innovative.

    1. Lex Luthor says:

      Sure it was Samsung innovation that first came up with a full touch screen based phone and OS along with an app ecosystem like app store that ushered the smartphone industry.Samsung innovation also broke boundaries with a staggering 326ppi cell phone display and Samsung was also the first to feature Siri and Samsung innovated facetime too and no way did apple first market the word INNOVATION,remember when Samsung and Steve jobs did that back in 2007 with the very first galaxy series.All apple ever did was copy Samsung since then.I really appreciate your supreme intelligence Richard,with more men like you we could finally reach the highly advanced Stone Age.You are the Einstein of our time.

  2. squire366 says:

    Apple stole the “touchscreen” idea from PDA devices that came prior to smartphones and that made Apple look like such a wonderful and “innovative” company. Jobs himself pretty much admitted that Apple steals ideas from other companies, adds their own “iFlavor” to that idea and then markets that idea as innovation. After the iPhone 3 Apple has been releasing their so-called “innovative” iPhone AFTER other companies release their devices. That way Apple can see what others are doing, take those ideas and re-engineer them, then package those ideas in a form factor that hasn’t really changed much since the first iPhone. The REALLY amazing part is that dudes like Lex Luthor are ignorant enough to buy whatever glass and aluminum Android/Blackberry/Windows copy that Apple puts on the market. And Lex is WRONG when he says “All Apple ever did was copy Samsung since then.” I believe the correct statement would be “All Apple ever did was copy everyone else since then.”

    1. BillyBreathes says:

      I wish people would understand the meaning of words before they started running their mouth. Innovation:


      1.Make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

      2.Introduce something new, esp. a product.

      You can innovate without inventing, companies do it all the time. Therefore you can be innovative without actually inventing something. Apple is terrific at this. Taking an existing product and putting their own “iFlavor” on it, is still innovating.

      The new blackberry 10 OS is actually very innovative, I hope the US consumers give it a chance, it’s a really good phone to suit quite a number of users.

  3. Bookers says:

    Just something that was on a lot of phones before the smartphones came out, a bloody simple FM radio that does not stream from the internet!!!

  4. joe says:

    I own iPhone 4 and I have never liked the Apple product. I think all Apple products are overpriced and over hyped. I hate the fact that I have to buy third party software just to transfer songs between iPad and iPod. my next phone is going to be Samsung Galaxy S 4. I recently bought the samsung note 10.1 and i love it, got the same for my mom on her birthday and she loves it too. I think samsung is more in tune with the customers, i think they understand that the product must sell itself. Apple is a good product, but way over priced. I am done with apple, i dont like companies with arrogance and an attitude.

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