iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design eliminates cases


The iPhone 5 as we all know is more stronger and most defiantly more durable, but and a big but comes into the equation with the design build. Something needs to be totally different with future builds, and this is where we look into the iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design that eliminates cases.

When it comes to the iPhone 5 there are two factors to take into consideration, number one there is no class in the way it looks, and in that we mean straight edges do not have the wow factor and number 2 and most importantly the iPhone 5 scratches and chips very easy indeed — So what can be done to make the iPhone 6 a better build?

Let’s take our minds back to the aluminium bumper by Draco Design, we done a full hands-on review of this bumper case and we were very impressed indeed, Apple should really take note for when they design the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5S will not offer major changes within the design of the smartphone but we know for sure the iPhone 6 will be the one to look out for, new things and new technology will be a part of the process.

There will never be the perfect smartphone because the next release will be much better, so we do not have to sit here banging on and on about the iPhone could potentially be the best handset in the world, because it won’t. The iPhone 7, or the Samsung Galaxy S5 etc will better it, but what Apple can do is release the iPhone 6 with a totally new design; maybe something that looks the aluminium bumper by Draco Design, the lines and style of this bumper case has class, it feels amazing in the hand, it even sits in your pocket with no extra bulkiness about it, in fact it looks more like a concept than reality — Apple should take the design lines and build the iPhone 6 just like that or similar.

To be honest we are not bothered about screen sizes, what we want is an iPhone 6 with strength and look at me appeal. Like Product-Reviews we have also owned every single iPhone to date since the first release back in 2007 and we agree with them that the iPhone 5 is the worst yet for chipping easy, yes you can drop it on the floor and it will fair better than the iPhone 4S but the 5 needs a case to protect.

So, instead of wasting money purchasing a let’s say £54.95 for a case to protect the iPhone 5, why not build the iPhone 6 that looks fashionable like the Draco Design case that will also protect it because of the build quality. If a case that costs £54.95, looks fantastic and protects can be achieved, how about Apple build the iPhone 6 that does all the above eliminating the cost of a case.

Look at our photo above — Can you imagine the iPhone 6 looking like that? We have also added the photo via Product-Reviews below because it shows the lines much clearer.

iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design eliminates cases

So, a brand new iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design eliminates cases that will have a metal finish, sounds good right! Do we really care about the black and white slate finish? Personally we would prefer a machined milled one-piece metal design for the iPhone 6, what do you think?

To say the iPhone 5 does not need a bumper case is one of the wrong decisions Apple has ever made because it does.

Question Time
Would you like Apple to release the iPhone 6 that has an unbreakable and chip free design that eliminates cases? Seems pointless to pay a lot of money for a smartphone to cover it with a cheap piece of protection.


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  1. ronf57 says:

    Apparently, the author of this article doesn’t remember Apples’ antenna gate and the issues others have had with antenna reception issues on full metal backed devices. Why not return to the 1970’s electronics IP protective measure of “potting” the entire device is one big uniform polycarbonate block albeit with “curved” edges. Or put it inside a big APPLE shaped rubber bubble. Those should decrease breakage. Humans drop things, it happens. Do like the B&N Nook and put a loop to attach a short lanyard so when it’s dropped the lanyard isn’t long enough to allow it to hit the floor.

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