Samsung Galaxy S5 design & deca-core imaginings


Okay, so all the fuss right now concerns the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 and therefore we thought it was time to start looking ahead to the Galaxy S5 (S V). Just kidding, we’re still interested enough in the Galaxy S4 for now but it seems that one designer is indeed already considering the Galaxy S5 and has come up with some imaginings including a sleek design and specs including a deca-core processor.

Although it would be even better to know what the genuine Galaxy S5 will look like we don’t imagine that Samsung has even considered this in detail yet so we’ve taken a look at this concept design for the Galaxy S5. From time to time we enjoy looking at concept ideas as the renderings can give us a really good idea of how a future device could look and we can consider if we like it or not.

These renderings come from Deepak Ahuja and although his Galaxy S5 doesn’t look drastically different from the current Galaxy phones it does at least look more realistic because of that. We also think this mockup does have a certain something so that it looks a little more stylish than the Galaxy S4 and it also has a touch of added flair to the look of the rear of the 7.1mm thick device.

More interesting perhaps are the specs that Ahuaja has associated with his Galaxy S5 concept and these include a 1.3GHz Exynos 6 deca-core processor, yes you did read that right, deca-core! This would be set up as a quad-core plus quad-core plus dual-core and so consist of a 1.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU, plus a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A9 quad-core processor for the gaming factor and also a power-saving 1.7GHz dual-core processor.

Other specs of this Galaxy S5 include a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED Ultra High Definition display with resolution of 1920 x 1280, 3GB of RAM and 16, 32 or 64GB of internal storage. There’s also a 16-megapixel rear camera, 2.5-megapixel BSI and CMOS front-facing camera, a 3100 mAh battery and it all runs Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Although these specs might sound far-fetched at the moment, with the speed that mobile technology is currently moving at they might not seem anywhere near as unlikely by the time we get to the Galaxy S5.

Ahuja has even given thought to the colors options for the handset and his Galaxy S5 comes in Majestic Blue, Hazel Grey, Garnet Red and Sapphire Black. We’d really like to hear what you think of these Samsung Galaxy S5 imaginings. Would you like the real Galaxy S5 to look like this concept design? What specs do you think are realistic for the Galaxy S5, which is likely to be at least another year away? Let us know with your comments.

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11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 design & deca-core imaginings”

  1. Ivan Spiteri says:

    Nice concept, compliments to the designer.and for the specs, I agree as well, but except for the deca CPU, because Octa core is already really great, and instead of a deca, a octa but increased/clocked to 2GHz or more,like a 2.2GHz, this it will be really impressive! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.hope for the future Samsung galaxy s5!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is 1 of the most realistic looking concept designs I’ve ever seen, largely cos it sticks 2 Samsung’s current design ethos! However, y does the screen size HAVE 2 increase with every generation??? Isn’t it already TOO BIG 4 COMFORT? Shaving off d bezel has it’s limits! 5” is the UTTER MAXIMUM a mobile device should be so it can be called a “phone”! Instead of improving on things like the memory size n better batteries. ALL the companies keep on increasing d screen size 2 ridiculous proportions! In the age of UHD digital media, apps n content most phones still dnt offer 64GB of onboard storage n it’s anybody’s guess when the Samsung 128GB eMMC s will go mainstream! All v get is ever expanding screen sizes! BORING!

  3. hardcore user says:

    Why only 1.7 Ghz?? C’mon the technology world of smartphone is getting even more advanced.. I would like to see the following specs in upcoming samsung galaxy s5..

    Exynos 5 octa/ 6 deca..anything but more than 2.5 Ghz because qualcomm and nvidia tegra 4 have already reached 2.5 Ghz peak..

    ARM Mali-T678 GPU(Hell lotta power to destroy tegra 4 and upcoming powervr rogue 6 series or adreno 400+

    3GB RAM

    Micro SD support upto 128 GB

    5 inch ultra or original(2160p) HD display…

    15/16 MP camera

    3500 mAh battery( since clock speed and gpu power consumption will be high)

    Android 5.0 or more advanced( let’s see until release of galaxy s5, what will be the latest android?))

    If all this beast is inside Samsung Galaxy S5, then I can guarantee that this smartphone will indeed blow iphone 6 right out of competition..

  4. This is what I want to see in 2014 smartphones and on words, I think the industry standard should be for high end 32, 64 and 128gb internal memory 3 or 4gb ram, cpu clock speed of 2.4ghz for main cpu and power saving core at 1.4ghz, and they can work together for boosting performance, im talking quadrant scores of 25000 easy, 3200 mah batteries with solar power back playing for your smartphones ooh and I think they should keep the removable battery concept.

  5. Swarnav says:

    D most important and essential thing is powerful battery backup and increased internal memory. I think internal memory of s5 should be atleast 64B(if not 128GB) and an additional 128GB micro sd card storage slot. Battery should obviously be very high between 3500-4000mAh so that it can last atleast 1.5 days with normal usage.

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