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Apple’s next major mobile operating system iOS 7 is widely expected to be debuted at WWDC in June. We’ve already posted many articles now on possible new features and wish lists for iOS 7 and have also seen some great designs for ideas that iOS 7 could encompass. Today we have a video to show you that envisions a popup toggles feature and we’d like to know if this is something you’d like to see.

iOS 7 is eagerly anticipated especially as nobody knows quite what to expect with Apple’s former hardware guru Sir Jonathan Ive having a new role in software design. We’ve looked at several concepts for iOS 7 now as we find these are a great resource for discovering new ideas that could be utilized and recently we showed a video that had multiple ideas for iOS 7.

This latest short concept video that you can see below this story concentrates on a popup menu for system toggles. It comes from designer Ran Avni and demonstrates the toggles and how there is full customization for which toggles are active so that they can then be used for speedy access to your most utilized settings. The concept also enables Advanced Settings so that the user never has to leave the app to change the settings.

It’s certainly interesting to see this latest idea. One thing for sure is that the clock is ticking and summer is coming so it won’t be too much longer until we see iOS 7 unveiled, possibly with the arrival of the iPhone 5S. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date as we hear further information.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this latest iOS 7 concept idea, which we think looks like something many iOS device users would find appealing. Have you any ideas for what you’d like to see in iOS 7? Let us have your comments and share your thoughts on this with other readers.


5 thoughts on “iOS 7 popup toggles feature envisoned”

  1. wiibloke says:

    I don’t see the need for this. I have used iPhones for 4 years and never had the need to play with any of the settings on a regular enough basis to need quick access. Please, lets not turn iOS into Android (My opinion).

    There are far more important things to deal with like making the settings make sense again, it seems to be all over the place in iOS6

    1. Oobgular says:

      I’m the opposite. I go into settings sometimes, but sometimes, I want quick toggles. Brightness, especially. There are so many times when I either am in a dark place and need to turn it down quick, or in a bright place, and can’t see to navigate to the settings app to turn it up. That’s why I use SBsettings.

      I see where you’re going with not getting to androidy, though. Everyone talks about adding widgets, though I really don’t think that’s a good idea. I like that the weather is in the NotificationCenter, and that is useful, but I wouldn’t want it cluttering my homescreen.

  2. PS says:

    What I’ve seen, iOS7 will have the features we all have anticiped for 2 years now. I don’t care if they are “borrowed from” Android, as long as they are good features and implemented in a way we expect from Apple. The rumors about the exposé-like features look pretty impressive too.

    1. wiibloke says:

      @PS, I agree with you “borrowed” features are not a bad idea but like @facebook-100002072864651:disqus said, lets not put anything in there that is of little use with lackluster support.

  3. @wiibloke. You said exactly what I feel about iOS. These android-widget-and-shove-it-all-in demands from people are really unnecessary and somewhat stupid. I would hate to have redundant toggle settings, especially when they’re right there, first thing you see on top when you tap on Settings icon. Android needs extra quick access settings due to complexity of their OS, and the time it takes to get to them. I always said – if you want android features (which are typically just shortcuts) – GET AN ANDROID.

    I do understand why some do really want something on Apple that they seen somewhere else. Apple will build it better, more useful (by popularizing and creating an environment for it like they did with Apps, iMessaging, Mobile entertainment, etc). If apple decides to put what is now nearly useless NFC on their phones – they will first make sure an average consumer can find use for it regardless of his habits and needs, then create certain incentives or something for retailers to ALL join in, and lastly build up effective security measures. Android just shoves it in because droids buy their devices based number of buttons and “features” on the list even if they’re half backed, not ready, or simply not necessary.

    There are a few issues that apple is imperfect in:
    1. Like you said, third party app’s settings are within the app and some within the main settings menu – they should consolidate all settings for that app in one place.
    2. Allow me to move my pictures from Camera Roll instead of duplicating/copying it to specific folder. Or allow me to delete a picture from Camera Roll, but save the copy in the folder I put it into.
    3. Go back to the way App Store was originally created.
    4. Repair a few bugs in iCloud mail – sometimes the email content doesn’t appear when selected. And seldom crashes.
    5. For settings the best idea I seen was: When using any app – Shake To Access Settings. I do know that they’re adding a search field in settings, which is awesome.
    6. And lastly with all the billions Apple has – let us have more iCloud space – there are third party Clouds, but I rather use Apple’s.

    To defuse some rumors though, iMaps work great in my area, and Siri may not be a better search bot then Google Voice Search, but it is a much much better assistant by a huge margin (margin means difference for the android readers).

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