Galaxy Note 3 tipped to launch with aluminium frame


While Samsung smartphones have increased in popularity in the last couple of years the company still gets criticised by some for the build quality of its handsets, but now the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 is being tipped to launch with an aluminium frame.

The polycarbonate material that Samsung uses for its flagship devices has always come under some criticism from some quarters, with many pointing to the Apple iPhone and more recently the HTC One with their more premium feel to them. Now a new report has emerged that Samsung has seen the success that the HTC One is having and is allegedly “worried” about the design and build quality of its hardware.

Samsung is supposedly not worried about the software that it provides with its smartphones with the Nature UX gaining in popularity since its availability has rolled out to more handsets. Now though the company is claimed to be planning on changing direction with the Galaxy Note 3 that will use an aluminium chassis.

The source is claiming that a prototype was set to be used for the Galaxy S4 using the material but the company couldn’t produce enough units in time for the launch of the device. The Galaxy Note 3 is believed to be using a 5.9-inch Full HD touchscreen display powered by the in-house Exynos 5 Octa processor with LTE, and should launch with the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.

While this rumour has to be taken with a pinch of salt, if such a material is used for the Galaxy Note 3 the appeal for the handset will grow even stronger.

Would you prefer Samsung to build smartphones using aluminium?

Source: SamMobile.


6 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 tipped to launch with aluminium frame”

  1. onerobot says:

    Not a moment too soon! Thanks to HTC One for putting some fire under Samsung’s butt – if these reports turn out to be legit, of course… I would absolutely love to have an aluminium Note 3, even if it weighed more. But the battery should still be removable.

  2. Richard Yarrell says:

    Either way plastic or aluminum it’s the Galaxy Note 3 for me come September / October. The Htc One might have great build quality but it’s still NOT BETTER than the Galaxy Note 2 today.

  3. Jimmy. Drew says:

    Don’t care I put it in a case so it could be titanium and no one would know. Give me more battery life and leave everything else like the Note 2. and I will buy it. Like the easy access to battery and cards.

  4. ifty says:

    Would take aluminium over plastic anyday, if the rumoured specs are correct then android fans are in for a treat. I have to consider this device along with my preference for the next iphone .

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