Sony Xperia Play 2 with unlikely specs


The Sony Xperia Play failed to really capture the buying public’s imagination and didn’t sell in the numbers that Sony would have liked, which is a shame as it was a clever idea but just lacked a little in the hardware department. Now we have a Sony Xperia Play 2 idea for you that uses some highly unlikely specs.

There have been many fans of the PlayStation platform wondering if Sony would ever release a new version of the Xperia Play, and today we have a concept idea for you by Chris Chen that would sell by the bucket load if such a device became available.

It combines the best features of the Sony Walkman, Bravia, and Cybershot all packed into a single device, which is using a 5-inch OLED display with 4K resolution. 4K displays on mobile phones are a long way off yet but it is a nice thought, and there is also the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor under the hood running at 2GHz.

Other specifications include a massive 4GB of RAM with 128GB of SSD storage along with Vaio technology, and you also get microSD card support along with a 35mm full frame camera on the back of the device with 24.3-megapixel CMOS Exmor sensor.

The camera also uses Cybershot technology and there is an 8-megapixel unit on the front with an Exmor RS sensor, and obviously the handset would be PlayStation certified. A 2,500 mAh battery is powering the device that is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with an upgrade to 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

How would you feel about a Sony Xperia Play 2 featuring specs such as these?

Source and Image: Concept Phones.


39 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Play 2 with unlikely specs”

    1. AngeLes Retslov says:

      Thats what people said before 1080p was released. yet it happened. Im pretty confident 4k, 8k and so on will come to phones eventually.

  1. Mr. Capulet says:

    Xperia Play 2
    – Full HD 5-inch OLED display with 460 ppi and Bravia Engin 3.
    – Cyber-shot technology, Carl Zeiss optics and come with a CMOS image sensor.
    – Walkman amplifier chip.
    – New gamepad and Rear Touchpad
    – Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
    – Android 5.0
    – Lithium Ion 3700mah Battery

    Please make my dreams come true Sony!

  2. Jesse Gregory says:

    I still own my Xperia PLAY, best phone I have ever had and I have zero plans of upgrading it, even after using an GS3 for two weeks. If a PLAY2 every comes out I will jump for it as long as Sony continues to support the XDA community with the PLAY2 as they have with the XP1

    1. Jason DeKeyser says:

      Yup I love the Xperia Play and will keep it until Xperia Play 2 comes out.

      No phone plays NES, Genesis, SNES and PSX games better!
      Of course with emulators 😀

  3. Alejo Bilog says:


    1) Very nice concept but it should be minimalist like what samsung had done with S4. S4 had almost all the front side consumed by the screen/monitor as compared to Xperia Z.
    2) If Sony shifts its technology to SLCD or OLED to enhance color reproduction. The white pixel had to be reduced as it makes the contrast lower than samsung.
    3) I prefer a more rounded edges and metallic body.
    4) It would be better if Sony can integrate the Xperia Zola/Z and Samsung S4 technology in this concept.
    5) Why to go backwards in the Camera feature? Why not use 13.1MP or higher?

  4. redkk33 says:

    You see, the Xperia Play didn’t sell out because no matter how hard you tried, the graphics were still horrible. The JoyPads were too sensitive, the audio was scratchy, the phone wasn’t really big enough (it had room above and below to where it could’ve been an 4.3 size). If they really wanted to do something, they could make it by fixing all the above problems and like said above, giving it a bit more ram and maybe dual core? Hm.

    1. jwaz3128 says:

      I love the xperia play myself and still using one.. the only thing I would like to change on the unit would be the the RAM to 2-4gigs.. if there were upgrade parts..

      I would keep the SD card slot regardless of the I own, ease of transferring data

  5. Vic says:

    Okay, I was about to rant about every part of this article but I realized there are only two ridiculous ideas here.

    35mm sensor will never happen. Look up flange distance. Also, a lens that covers the sensor’s size in such a small gap?

    4K resolution is useless. In the foreseeable future, the processing power you would sacrifice just to render 4K resolution will be too silly.

    1920×1080 and micro four thirds and maybe it’ll work.

  6. travesty says:

    there is never going to be an xperia play2 and there is absolutely NO NEED for such thing. it is not 2011 anymore, all new smartphones coming out are compatible with blutooth controllers, gameklips have been made and so on and so forth.

    1. Jason DeKeyser says:

      Im sure it looks silly when you drag around your bluetooth controllers and your phone when you can have it all with the Xperia Play.

  7. 17mm says:

    Would be awesome if the processor was one of the main focus as well as keeping up at least with other new phone in other areas, I’m on my play r800x running cm9 and over locked to 1.6 ghz but I would still like a dual core at least if not a quad core with around 2ghz still my play works fine so no rush for me.

  8. bra says:

    Because when you’re on the go, or on the train to work, you really want to wip out a ps3 controller. The Xperiaplay is an amazing phone.

  9. dimitris says:

    ok, the 4k and the front camera are a little too extreme but it could have a 5 inch AMOLED 1922×1080 display, The storage isn’t impossible but yet…. The processor and the RAM though doesn’t seem like something from a far away galaxy…

  10. Jason DeKeyser says:

    Wow a lot of hating going on as usual.
    Xperia Play is the best phone on the market for gaming PERIOD.
    Funny to see people struggling to get Wii and PS3 controllers to work with their brick phones and then complain that its not responsive enough!
    I love to be able to whip open my phone while waiting for a flight and load up the Genesis emulator and play NHL 97 or Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 on the NES emulator!
    Asphalt 7 has sick graphics and theres a whole Xperia Play store full of games that fully support the Xperia Play D pad and buttons.
    The only phone with a D pad and gaming buttons it blows away any other phone on the market in terms of gaming!
    I will keep this phone forever!

  11. Peecee2013 says:

    Don’t really like the design on the screen side, though i would get it due to extreme hardware capabilities. Sounds awesome. Been following Sony for a long time! Hope this works though XD

  12. meeeee says:

    The specs is so unrealistic i dont even want to think about it. 4K on 5″ display? 24,3megapixels? yeah right… 4GB ram…. 128gb SSD haha. The finally price must be atleast 1500 Usd. Thats to much for Xperia play 2.

  13. Blakplague says:

    We need another Xperia Play. It deserves another chance. But Sony has to improve on it more. It needs to be more practical to play games on it. The specs would be cool, but I’m no sure if Sony would be up to make such a device.

  14. Abdul Mansoor says:

    xperia play 2 specs:
    Processor-2.3ghz quad core ARM Cortex A15
    GPU-Powervr G6400 (210gflops)

    Screen-5 inch 1920*1080(1080p) Full HD 443 ppi mobile bravia engine 2.

    Camera-5mp rear, 2mp front.


  15. Rohit says:

    This specs rather turns me off.

    The specs should be like:

    2.2 ghz Snapdragon 800

    Adreno 330 GPU

    FHD resolution

    5.3-inch X-Reality Display.

    3000 mAh battery (gamepad should also have power to provide extra juice to the phone)

    2 GB RAM

    16GB internal Memory.

    8 mp camera (to keep the price down…lol)

    Beats Dual Front Speaker.

    Thickness 12mm at max

    Price: $500 (approx).

  16. 257209 says:

    This thing would be ridiculously expensive with specs like that! It would put you back at least $700+ with no contract since it will not be a mainstream product, aimed only at a small niche market.

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