Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie vs iOS 7, features foreseen


Although new high-end smartphones are always eagerly anticipated it’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s the operating system that can really make a phone shine. This year we’re looking forward to the arrival of Apple’s next major mobile OS upgrade to iOS 7 along with the next major Android upgrade, 5.0 Key Lime Pie. With this in mind we thought we’d take a look at Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie vs. iOS 7 and some of the features that have been foreseen for each.

Although nothing has yet been confirmed for either of these upcoming operating systems it’s widely expected that iOS 7 will be introduced at Apple’s WWDC event in June and that the iPhone 5S will be the first device launched running it. Meanwhile Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected to debut at Google’s I/O event in May and it’s rumored that the Nexus 5 smartphone or rather mysterious Motorola X device might be the first to launch with KLP out of the box.

It’s a fact of life that with the current competition in the mobile world no matter how good the hardware of a phone is, software features can be equally as important. We’ve already received plenty of comments to previous articles about possible features and wish lists for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and iOS 7 so we have an idea of what many of you would like to see. Product Reviews has also come up with an interesting look at anticipated features.

Looking at Key Lime Pie first, some possibilities include a Night Mode for conserving power, Game Mode for optimum power when needed and improved performance profiles. There could also be more support for multiple devices and an enhanced touch keyboard. Other features we’ve previously discussed include improved Voice Assistant, a video chat app and improved back up.

For iOS 7 possible features include additions to the lockscreen, fingerprint software technology and Apple Maps 2.0 as well as a better battery performance via software tweaks. We have also previously noted the possibility of enhanced app management, ways to hide apps, smarter auto-correct, quick reply, widget integration, pop-up toggles, pull-down icon menus, iRadio and more.

iOS 7 should be particularly interesting to many as former Apple hardware design guru Sir Jonathan Ive has moved over to the software side and so the complete look of the new OS may have received an overhaul. This would be great as iOS has been accused sometimes lately of looking a little stale although of course it remains to be seen exactly what influence Ive has had in this department.

We’re really interested to hear your views on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie vs. iOS 7. Do you think that Google, or Apple, is more likely to come up with something that could win users over from the opposite platform? Have you a wish list of features you’re hoping to see for KLP or iOS 7? Let us know with your comments.


15 thoughts on “Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie vs iOS 7, features foreseen”

  1. Paul Bridgeman says:

    Apple needs to update their anti, Android are already nearly 2 years ahead and still going. So something big is needed, but Apple’s phone operating system needs to tie up with OSX which won’t be as easy to update both.

    1. pocketfrog says:

      “Apple needs to update their anti…”
      The phrase is “up the ante” but I agree with your sentiment. I switched from iPhone to Android (Nexus 4) – Apple needs to bring out something special or they’ll lose more users.

  2. I just want Apple to include the famous jailbreak tweaks as default features like the ability of putting more than 12 icons in one folder and more than 4 icons in the dock. And placing the icons anywhere on the homescreen grid. And having brightness switcher in the multitasking app drawer These features are very highly needed 🙂

    1. bill says:

      Then buy an android. Everything you just mentioned have been features of android since version 2.0. The only draw left for the iphone is the people who wanted to feel like a part of the crowd in the begining, but it really down to looks for the iphone at this point. I’ve used both at very early stages in their lives and even from the beginning android, while not the most stable os at the time, had more customization options and features than iphone so the choice was clear for me.

  3. I would have read this and thought these are good updates and additionally needed or wanted items. The sad thing is these trolls who have to say Android is years ahead of Apple or vice versa. Exactly how is Android years ahead? I own both devices and have for years. I jail break and fiddle with my androids and I can say with no hesitation I do have a preference. This preference is due to it always working properly , never crashing , and stability. I wish I could say that about the other OS. AGAIN lets say this is a personal preference and quite the mines better than yours garbage. My personal preference is and has always been a stable running OS that only Apple has provided. I have several up to date Android devices, I never use them due to consistent crashes , poor quality app designs and hey the price of the android OS is certainly equal to what I paid.

    1. aliinbox says:

      So why do you have several up to date Android devices and don’t use them?

      I am trying to figure out why someone should buy several expensive devices and never use them???? Trust me! it is hard to believe!

      I myself never had an Iphone so can not judge about it, but I have 2 android devices ( tablet and phone) and the old one seldom crashes ( an old LG optimus one) but the new one Nexus 4 never has had any problems (crashes or any other issues what so ever)

    2. Dana Munn says:

      First you say jailbreak android… who on earth has ever jailbroken an android? I’ve rooted some for sure, but I don’t think someone who has rooted an android would ever say they have jailbroken an android. Just saying.. troll

  4. Youre not gonna win a big crowd from either. Everyone has their preferences and at this point its just user preference for your system. Hardware is the major game changer. Its not like it was back in ’08 when the OS were being heavily updated and changed to make it better. At that time Apple was thought to be “Years ahead of its time” now Android and iOS are butting heads and are tied. Windows is still lagging behind poorly.

      1. loveisintheair says:

        lol windows still has bugs that have existed since 98, they’re a joke regarding progress/error margins and have been embarrassed many times releasing OS’s before they should be, however they have come a long way stability wise stealing code from other developers (can’t beat em, steal their sh!t).

        Despite their lack of care for users issues, the marketing giant perseveres!

  5. Jervis says:

    May i ask something ? Is ios 6.1.2 included in ios 6 ? Because i got ios 6.1.2 on iphone 4s but i don’t got any ios 6 features like siri . But for me,i think google android operating sytem will suprise smartphone fans .because every google android operating system features always makes me look cool . So i have more faith on google android oerating system

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