iPhone 5 apps to keep tabs on your home


In a world that is not so safe, it is easy to find protection. Understanding the possibilities within your beloved smartphone is a great way to track your family and your home. Sure it’s a little unsettling that the world has come to this, but as danger and crime increases so does technology.

Giving us the ability to feel a little bit more convinced that our valuables are protected. Using your apps on your iPhone makes it easy to check your home from pretty much anywhere. You could be in Singapore on business and see your home in real time.

These apps are not limited to surveillance; with the appropriate app you can activate or deactivate your alarm system. As well as lock any doors that you may have forgotten to check in the midst of rushing out the door. The apps allow you to pretty much do it all, but this has to be on par with what your home security system has available.

Your iPhone 5 has an app called iCam that allows you to do just that. iCam uses your Mac or pc to stream video directly to your phone. Making the need for additional security cameras unnecessary.

They also offer other apps such as Foscom Security Pro; this is an app that allows you to connect your iPhone directly to your Foscom Security Camera by attaching the IP address. The Alarm.com Monitor app is great as you can set up an alarm to send an email letting you know if you forgot to set your alarm after you have left your house. From there you are able to activate directly from your cell. Those are just a few available, iPhone apps that are known for giving us the ability to do the impossible.

Choosing the appropriate security company is important when it comes to protecting your family and expensive jewellery, gadgets or your stash of emergency cash. Make sure this company allows you to take advantage of all of the features you find necessary. Not to add to your paranoia, but in a world where people are randomly shooting up schools and bombing marathon runners, it is important to feel safe within your home.

In order to be able to view your home in real time, security cameras may need to be located in several areas of your house. Most importantly in all entry points, these cameras should be located on the inside as well as the outside. Using an alarm company to set this up with save you time and confusion, as professionals know what areas to cover and how to get them up and running in no time.

By taking these precautions you will save yourself a lot of anxiety. Have you ever left your house and wondered if you had remembered to turn on the alarm. Or maybe you left a window open, or didn’t shut the garage door on your way out. 9 times out of 10, you actually did remember to do those things, as they are a part of your daily routine, but in the instance that you did forget, having a security system that works with the app on your iPhone 5 you can not only check to see if you had done those things or not, you can conveniently right your wrong without turning around and driving back home.

If you currently have a system with a company such as ADT but have not connected it to your phone, or you don’t have a security system at all, please take the time to do so. It is a normal for people to think that the bad things won’t happen to them, but the truth is that there are no guarantees and bad things happen everyday. To set up your new system or to improve your current system in order to allow yourself all of the conveniences that technology has to offer, visit http://securitychoice.com/ and take control of your home.


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