iPhone 6 camera advancing with 3D, colour correction & more


There are new Apple patent filings showing up that will improve the iPhone 6 camera technologies, the filings concentrate on colour correction, colour balance, but we believe 3D will be incorporated somewhere.

The four patents include 1) Transformations and White Point Constraint Solutions for a Novel Chromaticity Space. 2) Alleviating Dominant Colour Failure in Automatic White Balance Using Histogram Trimming. 3) Use of Noise-Optimized Selection Criteria to Calculate Scene White Points. 4) Multi-Illuminant Colour Matrix Representation and Interpolation Based on Estimated White Points.

Patently Apple shows all the above in-depth and for Apple to add RGB Raw data into novel chromaticity space is a great idea as this would mean corrections will be automatically done.

Please do follow the source above for more information, there are hundreds of rumours flying around when it comes to the iPhone 6, some of these include a 12-megapixel camera, 3D photo taking as well as 3D video, HDR and even low-light shooting.

Phones Review believes that the camera is not the most important component on a smartphone, the iPhone 6 needs a new design, better battery, the screen does not need to be longer as this would be a stretch for any hand. 3D is not innovative and 12MP for a camera is not what you call innovation.

What would you like for the iPhone 6?

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