Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – the large geek dispute


When new smartphones are in the making or being released there always seems to be a major debate, being it about the features, the price and design, but today we want to concentrate on the biggest factor of them all and that is the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We have called this the ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — the large geek dispute’.

In saying ‘large geek’, we do not mean someone that is large and that they are geeks, no on the contrary. What we mean is, larger being the screen size, and geek as in are you one if you opt for the larger display.

There are so many rumours surrounding the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen size, we have on a number of occasions reported that the screen size for the new phablet could be anywhere between 5.9-inches or 6.3-inches, and considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is at 5.5-inches, do you think we need to go any bigger?

Yesterday there were speculations that the SGN3 could boast a plastic OLED touchscreen display, which would make the screen more durable and stronger, and would take up less room for a bigger battery to be added. Putting this aside we want to stick with the size of the display, do we really need to go any bigger than 5.5-inches?

We have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and we believe the size is perfect, it has a lovely display for all round use such as gaming, watching movies. Personally it is a little cumbersome holding when taking a phone call and do get people laughing, not too much but it has happened. Some prefer the larger screen and some do not, after reading thousands of comments via Phones review readers they say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is only important dependent on size and weight.

One commenter said the Note series smartphones are ridiculous, they said any phone that is that large is guess what, a tablet.

There are a few good points to having a larger display, how about these for a few ideas. Say the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in at 6-inches with an OLED display, it could indeed incorporate many additions, such as a bigger battery, how about a detachable Bluetooth headset that can be stored in the device like the stylus, built-in retractable headphones. Ok these are crazy but you get the idea.

We found this part fairly funny, we asked a few people what is the best size for a mobile phone, many said going above 5.5-inches is just silly and this would have to put you on the geek train. One person said; you have got to be a serious lover to want to walk around looking stupid holding a tablet against your ear.

What would be the perfect screen size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – the large geek dispute”

  1. LukeyBoy says:

    What a non-story with non-facts. Get with the times, phones are mobile PC’s there days, they don’t just make calls. Stop worrying about what other people think. Samsung didn’t. They led and inovated with the original Note instead of being sheep and worrying how they looked.

  2. Jimmy Drew says:

    I really like the 5.5 I believe it is optimum. No, I have never had anyone laugh at me with the phone to my ear. Never. I have had a lot of comments on how nice the display was though when looking at movies etc.. Give me a longer battery life and wireless charging and a bit faster start up time. Everything else is perfect. I love the Note 2 as an all around communication device. I love the size…

  3. polyphonic says:

    I agree with LukeyBoy. Now that mobiles are getting bigger I am thinking of binning my laptop except for “long spells” doing work.

    I want a good phone, very good camera & display, and good PC, and some time ago I calculated that a 7 inch display (12cm x 19cm) could just fit in my back pocket or jacket pocket. People seem to forget that a larger display gives the option (hopefully) of larger text, so people with imperfect sight can enjoy them.

    Who cares about lifting a “Kindle” to the ear to make a call, and has no-one heard of wireless diallers & answer phone devices?

    Go for it Samsung!

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