Sprint Q1 expected loss less but customers still leaving


US carrier Sprint is currently undergoing a transformative shift in its bid to make more headway and there are now indications that the current strategy is beginning to be more successful. However although losses are now reported as less than expected for Q1, it continues to be the case that customers are leaving the carrier for pastures new.

Sprint is the third-largest carrier stateside and we recently discussed how the company is still vying to purchase the remaining 50% of Clearwire although Verizon is now also showing interest. Meanwhile Dish is in a bid to acquire Sprint so there’s a lot going on right now. While Sprint stock has recently seen rises with more than tripled share values over the last year there’s still a way to go.

However, CEO Dan Hesse may be heartened by the figures for the first quarter of 2013 which showed a loss of 21 cents per share, down from analysts estimates of 34 cents a share. While sales rose to $8.79 billion, overall net loss was $643 million, that’s less than the $863 million first quarter Sprint losses of 2012.

Sprint also sold 1.5 million iPhones while 86% of its phones sales were from smartphones. Despite less than anticipated losses though, Sprint customers fell by 560,000 in one trimester and it remains to be seen how the carrier will reverse that trend.

Why do you think customers are continuing to jump ship from Sprint even though there has been an upturn in the company’s recent fortunes?

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One thought on “Sprint Q1 expected loss less but customers still leaving”

  1. Corkey Lloyd says:

    People are leaving because its taking them to long to get LTE service everybody else has 4 G service but sprint and its taking so long for them get and that making a bit difference when it comes to service and some company’s give you a year to upgrade your phone sprint makes you wait 2 years that sucks I have the S3 right now and the S4 is out I’m not due a upgrade til Jan 2014 and I wanted to do a early upgrade but its to soon so I can’t do it I must wait but get this I have 3 lines and if I use my sons line for a upgrade it will still cost me 250.00 to do the upgrade plus the cost of the phone which I think is still a high price to pay just to up grade my phone.
    I think I should be able to upgrade anytime I want your still making money and if you take my old you can still resale it or use it as a refurbish phone so they are not really losing out Verizon let you change your phone after a year just saying

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