The Big Friendly Phone – Amazing features with more senior friendly functions


The revolution in simple handset design for Elderly – The Big Friendly Mobile Phone has measured every small need of the senior citizens while designing this phone. In case you are wondering that the phone is just for the elderly, think again! For everyone who fantasise a great handset and tired of little buttons or touch screens, this is a must buy.

The phone wins across all the rating categories. Its stylish white and black design is attractive. Moreover, the simplicity of the desktop charger adds yet another feather to the phone. Immaculate engineering is all that one can say about big friendly mobile phone, so what are the main features that instigate you to buy this phone?

Theses phones for the elderly are useful to record the results of the health regularly. Today, because of the hectic and tedious life, lots of people are suffering from various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and much more. For this, they have to visit the doctors as and when required. This big button mobile phone will help you to remind to go for the check-up for these diseases. There is even a note section is this phone where you can record all the results. So, you will be fully prepared with the results when you visit the doctor.

Also, there is even an SOS button on the back of the phone, which will help you to text five people at a time in an emergency. The users can even set the text to give a GPRS location, which will help the receiver their message to get hold of you in an emergency situation.

Another advantage of this phone is that whoever are in the users’ SOS contacts they can still contact them even if the phone is switched off. Moreover, if you don’t want anyone to disturb you when you are sleeping, you can set the privacy times so that your don’t ring when you are sleeping, again you can set it so that SOS contacts can still get hold of you.

The phones for elderly also give the weather reports to the users. Therefore, you will get to know whenever the weather is going to change, whether it is for the good or bad. After a profound research, we come up with the Infographic on why is the Big Button Mobile Phone a must buy for everyone! Have a look:

The Big Friendly Phone by Fonerange - Infographic


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