iPhone 6 to assist future Android takeover


Today we’re looking at smartphone ownership and a new study that suggests the iPhone 6 will assist towards an Android takeover. Although lately Android has been the dominant smartphone platform a new survey of smartphone owners in the US indicates that in just a few short years more people will own an iOS iPhone than an Android phone.

This seems to be mainly because iPhone owners have a strong loyalty to Apple’s iOS platform. A survey of 16,000 people in the US conducted by Yankee Group over the last year asked about the smartphones they were using now and phones they intended to purchase. Approximately half of the survey participants currently own an Android phone while around 30% own an iPhone. However, of those who said that they would be purchasing a new smartphone over the next six months, 42% said they would be choosing an Android device while 42% said they would be buying an iPhone.

The current iPhone owners who said they would be opting for another iPhone totaled 91% showing a huge amount of brand loyalty. Only 6% said they would be switching to an Android device. Compare that with current Android phone owners where although 76% said they would be buying another Android device, 24% said they would be switching platforms and 18% of those said they would be purchasing an iPhone.

If the current trend continues then the forecast is that the amount of iPhone owners in the US will overtake Android phone owners within the next few years. Check out the chart image above to see smartphone platform projection figures. Yankee Group VP Carl Howe therefore feeles that Android has peaked while market share of the iPhone will continue to grow.

This seems to contradict figures that we discussed yesterday showing that sales of the iPhone showed the growth rate was currently falling and that the iPad would drive future Apple growth. However Howe also asserts that that the growing iPhone ownership will also see the iPad remain dominant in the tablet market.

This latest survey is certainly interesting but of course relies on the current trends continuing whereas who knows what could happen over the next few years. There will certainly be a lot of interest in the iPhone 6 as part of this driving force for Apple. The iPhone 5S is rumored to be an incremental refresh of the iPhone 5 while the focus for something really groundbreaking seems to be on the iPhone 6. It just remains to be seen if Apple can come up with the goods and then of course the pattern at the moment regarding future smartphone ownership could certainly continue in its favor.

We’re really interested to hear what you have to say on this matter. Are you are an Android enthusiast and think the survey indicators will not be borne out? Maybe you’re an iPhone owner and can tell us if you will remain loyal to the iPhone or would consider jumping ship? Let us know with your comments.

Source: Yankee Group Via: AllThingsD


21 thoughts on “iPhone 6 to assist future Android takeover”

  1. Michael Ledford says:

    If your using an Android device you probably have never had an iPhone. The reason Android phones are popular is because they either give them to you or are very cheap when signing up for a plan. The quality of the iPhone is far superior.

      1. Iphone loyal customer since 08 says:

        Larger screen iphone or galaxy note 2 or 3 for sure! You can’t read jack sh*t on iphone screen when web browsing.

  2. Serban Streza says:

    In all honesty both my kids have iPhones and us, the adults have Android phones. The kids (23 and 18) had only problems with their phones, from cracked screens (about 4 times each kid) to battery not lasting through the day, currently my son cannot receive any calls, my daughter’s can’t pick up any wi-fi, and the list goes on and on and on. They had 3 generations of iPhones so far each and now they are finally looking to switch to Android (I guess it is not fancy any more to have iPhone). Plus, of all the people I know the change was ALWAYS from Iphone to Android and never the other way around. I never met anybody looking to move from Android to iPhone (they might exist but I am not aware of their existence).

    I don’t know if the survey is real but on the ground in Australia it looks totally different. Therefor I doubt it is real – I also have to admit that the situation described is valid for Australia and in USA it might be different.

  3. tomster says:

    Serban – seriously? Ive owned two iPhones and my wife and kids have iPhones or iPods and we have never had technical issues. Now dropping one without protection while skateboarding and cracking the screen is another issue, but no phone will handle that. The main point of this article is that Apple makes the superior product and people with any brains will stay with that. I’ve had countless Apple computers and have had minimal issues there as well. Apple just rocks and everyone else just copies them… still!

  4. Stocklone says:

    Oh I hope it is ground breaking as the iPhone 5 was. Oooooo. Maybe they will move the headphone jack again. Genius! Similar polls predicted the same thing when people were anticipating the iPhone 5 and Apple gave us the 4S. And we’re still not swimming in a sea of Apple. With competition being so much stronger now, why should this poll mean anything?

    And if we look at Android manufacturers, Samsung is doing fantastic. HTC has finally gotten their mojo back. LG is finally selling good phones. And I expect big things from Google and Motorola finally working together for the 2nd half of the year. Why should I think Android has peaked?

  5. arthur burt says:

    Android really Is poor – its just no way up to scratch yet as on os compared to apple, which is just so smooth & polished in comparison. What’s android got that’s better than iOS? Hmmmmm, er… oh right, widgets! Seriously?!? Widgets?! Well, that’s something extra to drain your battery sin’t it! ha ha, widgets indeed!! Daft! Speaking of battery – so Android has all these settings you can fiddle with, yeah, & then u realise you have to turn all these setting off just so your poxy phone’s battery might just about manage a day!! ha ha – that’s so rubbish!!

    It’s great to have competition, but, really, Android is not the thing for true gentlemen: it is, at this time, a blunt & unrefined instrument.

    Oh, & try doing music creation on Android. Or editing a video clip… I think you’ll find you can’t. Pisspoor for us creative types i’m afraid. And life is all about creativity, right.

  6. I own a iPhone 4 and 4S. I have had no inclination to upgrade to iPhone 5. In fact, I am looking to switch to Android, despite owning a iPad, a Macbook Air and a Macbook Pro. So I am a loyalist, but in the process of switching to an Android phone. Your analysis assumes that Apple will continue to innovate, which is the reason people have been loyal to it. If it does, you may be right. But as of now, the iOS or the iPhone hardware hasn’t changed much in 3 years. Oh and why am I switching? Mainly, Maps. But also because I am tired of the same old.

  7. Marc Hagopian says:

    I work for Sprint and have seen countless iPhones coming in with problems of every kind and the most broken screens of any phone. Quality is no longer on Apple’s side. Apple has gone downhill as Google’s genius ideas and unlimited budget have pushed Android far beyond what Apple is capable of. Yes there are budget Androids which are garbage. But if you want a good phone, you get what you pay for! Not to mention, the iPhone5 is still pushing a 1.3ghz dual-core processor and 1gb of RAM, which Androids have had two years ago, while Androids now are running 1.7ghz quad-core processors and 2gb of RAM! It’s pure annihilation. I have seen first hand that Androids are outselling Apples. The iPhone has always had more sales from it’s previous model, until the iPhone5. The Samsung Galaxy S3 alone outsold the iPhone, until other new Androids were released since there are so many great new Android devices. It’s a shame Steve Jobs is not around to steer Apple to glory like he had done in the iPhone’s prime. He never would have allowed Apple to sit dormant with nothing being new that actually mattered. Apple was known for being innovative. That is gone. Google now owns that crown with Android. I strongly urge an iPhone user to pick up a HTC One and play with it a bit next time when in the mall. HTC has a bit of the iPhone simplicity with a phenomenal interface, state of the art build quality (you can chop apples on the screen with a sharp knife and nothing will happen) and a whole lot more attitude. I’m not a fanboy, nor a hater, I’ve been in the mobile industry for 8 years so I’ve seen, used, and experienced it all, and that is how it goes.

  8. Blad3 says:

    I love iphone since 2010.I had use android but is not so complex.I will stay on Apple.1 reason that i dont like android if u get a app from web and it is with payment at connecting on internet bye bye apps.Iphone with jailbreak….works fine.Tomtom free,a lot of apps,With thes 5 ” screen we will get on the 1900,BRIKS not a phone.really think that note2 on the street ,small pocket,and raise him to speak it cover all you face.Iphone you take it,small pretty desing,and that crome bited apple,i see that girl at 15 meters,nice Iphone,sure the guy too.

  9. iMax says:

    Android is a phone software while iOS is both based on Tablet and iPhone. iOS is going to be a sure winner in future and Android also getting complaints of Malware and Viruses. Apple has inbuilt security and have never been complained about any Viruses or Malwares. In my opinion, Apple is a sure shot winner in the days to come.

  10. iMax says:

    People who like Quality (I mean QUALITY), are always going to be loyal to Apple. Does not matter how fast Android hardwares are released, they are always behind Apple in terms of Quality and Polishness of devices.

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