Samsung Galaxy S4 cases & more, official accessories priced


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is releasing from now in regions across the world and if you are about to purchase this highly notable Android smartphone then you may want to keep it looking good. Today we have price details for you of official Samsung Galaxy S4 cases and many other accessories so that you can get an idea of what is available.

We’ve previously brought readers news on the official Galaxy S4 cases (see here) and also recently showed some first early videos of the cases (here) but we haven’t yet detailed pricing which is now available. Samsung has now announced accessories that will be available although some of these may not yet be released. We’ll start with the official cases and then go on to look at other accessories such as a spare battery charging system, vehicle navigation mount, smart dock and more.

Firstly the Flip Cover has a stylish front cover and snap on back comes in several color options black, white, light blue, pink, green, orange and yellow and is priced at $39.99. The S View Flip Cover with a clear window to view the time, text messages, battery status and more is $59.99 and comes in black or white. There’s also a Protective Cover+ at $29.99 that will keep your Galaxy S4 protected from the usual bumps and scrapes of everyday life and is available in white, navy, green, blue and pink.

One more official accessory unique to the Galaxy S4 is a Spare Battery Charging System consisting of a spare 2600 mAh battery, charging stand and wall charger, priced at $49.99. Other accessories that are not necessarily exclusive for the Galaxy S4 and also suitable for some other Samsung products are the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub at $99.99, a Smart Dock at $99.99 and Universal Media Desktop Dock at $49.99.

Other Samsung accessories compatible with the Galaxy S4 include a Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount at $49.99, MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter at $39.99, Universal Battery Pack priced at $79.99 and HS-330 Headphones at $29.99. Finally there’s the HM3300 Bluetooth Headset at $49.99 and the Galaxy Muse portable music player that will complement your Galaxy S4 and is priced at $49.99.

Most of these accessories are available now at Samsung here although we notice some are out of stock. Any items not listed yet should be available soon. If you’re about to purchase the Galaxy S4 will you also invest in some of these accessories? If you are ordering a Samsung official Galaxy S4 case, which type do you prefer? Let us know with your comments


One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S4 cases & more, official accessories priced”

  1. Tom Kraus says:

    The S-View cover only comes in black and white? I thought they showed all the other fluorescent colors at the event as well…Disappointing!

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