Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battery life considering 300mAh advantage


One main question that comes to mind when doing a Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One comparison is, “Which smartphone is better when it comes down to the battery life?” So here is a little insight between the two highly popular handsets.

When it comes to smartphones it has to be the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 we get the most emails about, and yes we have had screen, features, and even spec comparisons, but there is very little to do with the juice power and how long the battery life is on either of these phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is fitted with a Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery, and the HTC One has a 2300 mAh Li-Po battery, this is a 300mAh advantage for the Galaxy S4, but how does it fair when we talk about the battery life between the two.

htc one battery test

When it comes to battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S4 it’s talk time life came in at 13 hours and 53 minutes, and the HTC one’s talk time was 13 hours 38 minutes. This is when the phones gave in and died after the test. So when it comes to talk time the Galaxy S4 just pips it by 15 minutes.

Before we move on you might want to know the best phone before running out of battery life testing talk time was the Motorola RAZR MAXX running Android Ice Cream Sandwich with 21 hours 18 minutes, even the Nexus 4 came in at 14:17.

When it comes to Web browsing the HTC One wins this section with 9 hours and 58 minutes, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was only 8 hours and 42 minutes. Even the iPhone 5 beat the Galaxy S4 when it comes down to Web browsing with 9 hours 56 minutes before the juice ran out.

samsung galaxy s4 battery test

So what happens when you do continuous video playback on a loop? GSM Arena after all the tests above decided to test the video playback loop to see what smartphone loses 90% of battery charge. Surprisingly the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are near enough a perfect match with 10:16 and 10:02, not bad considering the S4 has 300 mAh more power.

In hind side the HTC One only needs charging every 48 hours, based on using the phone for all of the above. We have to say we are well impressed with the battery life on the HTC One, but overall both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are on par with each other when it comes to battery life.

Many comments have rolled in after these tests, some have even said they do not understand because the HTC One endurance rating is 48 hours and the S4 is 63 hours.

This was answered with another comment saying the standby time is a mix with 3 hours predefined usage a day based on watching movie 1 hour + web browsing 1 hour + Talking on 3g 1 hour. After this comment came in someone else said these three things were used once a day, not whole time. So that means it is Talking on 3G 2 hour + web browsing 2 hour + video watching 2 hour = 48 hour charge cycle.

We here at phonesreview.co.uk have not done this battery life test, and the best answer we could possibly get is from those that own the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Once you have either of these smartphones please do let us know what the battery life is like, be good to know from owners.


26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battery life considering 300mAh advantage”

  1. Dr Rob says:

    I have had my HTC One for nearly 3 weeks now (UK Owner) I cannot fault the battery lufe. It is far better than my previous smartphone (Apple IPhone 4s)
    Something worth noting I turn my GPS tracking off as having this on quickly decreases the battery level.
    I only put it on when using the navigation or uploading photographs to social media sites.
    For me there was only one choice when I upgraded my contract and that was the HTC One.

    1. s4 all the way says:

      What a joke! The htc is not even close to being as good as the s4. Oh my god its metal. And thats why a bunch of people are buying it so they can show it off to people . Yeah that’s going to help the functionality of the phone. S4 kicks the ones ass. Should be called the TWO! Samsung is way ahead in innovation. I have the s4 and every feature works perfectly. Not like the reviews out there r saying . Either htc is paying these people off or they just dont know how to use the features. They work as I have the phone in my possession. Dont believe the negative reviews. they are idiots!

      1. Brainiac says:

        Your one-minded lack of objectivity and obvious disregard for the opinions of others, let alone facts, clearly shows that you are an avid Sam-fan-boy who simply refuses to believe your new toy is not the envy of the rest of the world. Now, please take your ball and go home where you can drink more of the Kool-aid with all of your other simple minded friends; the grown-ups want to have an intelligent discussion.

        1. And I thought *I* was a Samsung fanboy. I have honestly been so excited since I first heard about the S4, signing up to various carriers mailing lists to find out when I could have one, and then the HTC One has popped up and got me second thinking. I previously owned an S2, which I loved for the shape, and the S4 just looks clunky to me. I might actually end up getting a HTC One instead.

          1. HTC owner says:

            I had an s2 as well and now have the HTC One. It definitely feels bigger (as it is), bordering on just big enough to make it not as easy to operate one-handed. However, my brother purchased the s4 and he even admitted that the One is better all around despite having some better technical specs. I was worried about the 4MP camera and was shocked at how well it actually works. The One is truly an amazing phone – well worth every penny spent.

          2. Drakennz says:

            Yup I made the shift from GS2 to HTC One and so far so good – of course I’ve only owned it a short period of time, will wait to see what the battery is like a year down the road – but for now charging only once every couple of days has it in my good books 🙂 Very happy with my decision (and I did not buy it to show to other people lol I bought it for the camera and the internal storage – as I tend to install large applications as opposed to store a large amount of media.)

            I like both phones, I think if longevity and media storage are key, you have to select the S4, but outside of that, the HTC One is a great value proposition (especially here in New Zealand where I found the HTC One $200 cheaper than the GS4 to purchase the phone unlocked outright).

        1. user says:

          Although I do own an HTC One, I have to admit that the S4 has some impressive tech specs (such as the big.LITTLE architecture of the octacore version) and innovative, however, pointless features like the Air Gesture thing.

      2. themacguy says:

        S4 seriously?? I have tried both S3 and S4 and had endless troubles with bluetooth integration on both (different problems for each). Attempting to use a Bose2 earpiece resulted in strange connection mute behavior on S4 and on S3, the phone would unlock from the lock screen randomly while on calls. So far the HTC1 has worked flawlessly (just like my iPhone5 did). As for metal.. the only time that plastic is to be preferred to metal is if you are backpacking.. when you compare the build quality and the cheap plastic back on the S4 to the One, its like comparing paper plates and real china.. enough said. There are some minor annoyances on the HTC1 though (nobody is perfect). The sealed design prevents memory expansion and battery changes. I used to fret about not being able to change the battery, but after having used iPhones for the past several years, have determined that except for rare traveling conditions, I have not needed to change battery. Memory expansion is another story though.. would have been really easy to add external micro sim slot.. Lastly, the Sense junk on the HTC1 is way too gimmicky, but luckily most of the nonsense can be removed or hidden. The Samsung is packed with bloatware that didn’t work for me and was constantly being updated…

  2. mirko77 says:

    Why do you compare an iPhone which has a tiny screen with all the others which are around 5″?? I’d be surprised it the battery does not last longer on a small screen like that

    1. Josue Galan says:

      Even tho iPhone screen is smaller the battery is way smaller so yeah it sort of important, I have a nexus 4 and the battery life sucks, but my iPhone 5 battery is really good , so I make my buying desicion around the iPhone , which hopefully the Htc one is the right one for me

  3. curt2g1980 says:

    I killed the battery in the HTC One & the Galaxy S4 in about 4hrs streaming tv shows via flash. Anything will last if u baby it along. On screen time on the HTC One was 2hrs 54min & 3hrs 15min on the S4. Not sure what videos they’re watching but a spare battery or extended battery is a must. It took about 5hrs to kill the iPhone because all of the sites I go to need flash to watch them & u can’t even side load it to the iPhone like u can the S4. The HTC One already has flash built in.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I have the HTC One. Can’t quite understand that after leaving the smartphone on airplane mode recently on a 14 hours flight, once I arrived at the destination the battery life had about 45% left.

  5. actionjackson says:

    The real test would be 10-12 months after owning the phones when the batteries start to degrade what’s the battery life gonna be then. HTC has a history of putting shitty batteries in they’re phones and relying on software tricks to extend the life of it. Look at the DNA it supposed to have pretty decent battery life out of the box with a 2020mah but I guarantee you ask those same people in july that bought it in october what’s its like they’ll tell you it sucks! Samsung also wins this one based on the fact that the battery is removable and therefore replaceable.

    1. BYE Samsung says:

      I used to own a samsung, if the battery wasn’t replaceable they would be the shittiest brand for battery life. My old samsung lasts about 2 and a half hours on standby.

  6. Battery Drain and Data Drain says:

    My Htc One just got hot in my pocket today, only to find out that it ate about 4gb of data in less than 3 hrs time when plugged in because the battery wouldnt hold a charge past 6%. Love the phone, but darn, I had to get a credit for the data it was milking off of at&t, right after i upgraded a shared 5gb data plan to 10gb, only to lose that whole extra tier in a few hours lol.

    1. toby says:

      Just cause the phone is on it don’t use up data unless you had a game or something running the whole time even then 4gb is slot of data I can’t see how you use that in 3 hours hmmmmm I calling this bs

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