Samsung Galaxy S4 storage capacity annoyance & dishonour


Millions who are interested in the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 might want to read this before purchasing one. The actual storage capacity could bring annoyance and dishonour to customers, so please do read on.

There is a massive debate going on about the actual built-in storage capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S4, yes you can purchase the 16GB model but there is only about 8GB of real internal storage that you can use yourself.

T3 has looked into this and they are reporting the above news, which is astonishing really. Samsung and the handsets retailers selling it advertise the Galaxy S4 saying it comes with 16GB internal storage, and to only get 8GB of free memory is what many would call false advertising.

Nearly half of the storage is taken up with bloatware, graphics, pre-installed software and apps. The Samsung comes with many features such as Smart Scrolling, Face Tracking, email and calendar apps amongst a few other things, and it is these eating into the internal storage, and no you cannot remove these features.

T3 also mentions that the iPhone 5 uses about half as much, which is closer to 4G, and the HTC One only uses around 1GB less than the S4.

If you wish to free up space on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you must be aware these features and apps cannot be uninstalled, which means your stuck with a loss of around 8GB of space.

Looks like you will have to go out and buy a 64GB Micro SD card, which costs around £50.

What are your views on the Samsung Galaxy S4 stealing half of your 16GB storage capacity?


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 storage capacity annoyance & dishonour”

  1. Felixlee says:

    Apps cannot be saved on sd card on S4. I’m sorry to say this but samsung settlers deserve what the they get. The elegant iPhone costs the same, it’s not plastic like Samsung and you get closer to 13gb instead of 8gb with Samsung. This is a as dive difference. And I’m still repulsed with Samsung copying apple packaging , headphones, app icon art, not to mention everything else.

    1. Sourceborn says:

      You do realise that Samsung manufacture a huge majority of the vital internal components assembled to make the Apple iPhone handsets. “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”. There’s no mention of, “Parts sourced by Samsung in South Korea” hahahaha. Moreover, I don’t recall the modern elegance of an Apple iOS interface which has incurred only minor generic alterations (seen graphically by screen/contrast/pixelation enhancements, etc) since 2007…..elegant indeed unless jailbreaking is applied in that sense – by which I legally support. Also, if you’re going to discuss “copying”, a mass market of the world’s inventions are adapted, and innovated by mostly all major collaborative yet competitive MNCs, wherein I find it hard to believe that the distinguishable MacBook Pro and iMac can ever be reestablished by another company in greater contrast than Apple in any foreseeable future. Therefore, let’s cut some slack for the anguished customers of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as frankly, I myself and many others couldn’t care less as long as the item suits the expectations of the user. This case in which, Samsung are cretinous for their false advertisements (forgive the contradiction).

      Both a Samsung and iPhone owner.

      1. Gary says:

        Well put.

        I understand that the storage issues are the main focus of attack on samsung besides the cheap plastics. I could care less about the plastic I’m going to put a case on it anyway. I am angry at tech bloggers focusing on Samsung when the HTC One also contains 8 gb less than the 32gb advertised. I will still get the S4 through my upgrade though I am hoping that the 32gb version will arrive to sprint in July… hoping.

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