Amazing Reel Slots for iPad, casino fun without financial risk


Mobile technology now allows us to enjoy a huge variety of games on our devices no matter what we may be doing or where we may be travelling to. Now a new game called Amazing Reel Slots for the iPad brings the fun of the casino to the palm of your hand without the financial risks.

This recently released game has been based on the popular casino slot machines that spins five wheels of fortune with a quick press of a button, and is quick and easy to pick up and play. The UK based developers have provided some great graphics along with an easy to use interface that looks and feels like the real thing.

Slot machines remain hugely popular in casinos and other establishments accounting for more than 70% of casino revenues, and this game allows you to get a taste of such machines without the financial risk.

There is a user guide provided to allow beginners to get a grip with the game with tips on the basic rules, game control, winning lines, special symbols, and the function of each button and display area. The game has also been fully integrated with the Game Center and will provide hours of fun for users.

Amazing Reel Slots 1.0 is available free from the App Store for owners of the iPad with iOS 5.0 or later.

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