LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean update stopped by T-Mobile, various problems


Only two weeks ago we brought readers news that the Android 41.2 Jelly Bean update for the LG Optimus L9 on T-Mobile had released. The update was supposed to bring plenty of beneficial changes and improvements but it seems that some owners of the device have reported a variety of problems since using the update. This has now led T-Mobile to stop the update being rolled out at this point.

The LG Optimus L9 receiving Jelly Bean should have been a delight for users of the device but it seems something has gone awry as there are enough issues with stability to lead T-Mobile to halt the update. After the OTA update various problems have been reported by some owners of the Optimus L9 including app crashes, notable battery drain and difficulties receiving calls.

Because of this T-Mobile has stated it wants to “improve performance” of the update and will only resume the upgrade when ready. The carrier halted the update (version 4.1.2 / Software P76920d) yesterday and as yet has not announced when the update will resume being pushed out again.

As the update was made available from April 22nd it seems it took T-Mobile quite some time to realize some serious attention was needed but at least it has been paused for the time being. It would be interesting in the meantime to see how widespread these problems are.

We’d really like to hear from you if you are an LG Optimus L9 T-Mobile customer. Had you already installed this software update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and if so have you noticed anything untoward with your phone since? Maybe you haven’t spotted any significant issues since updating? Let us know by sending your comments using the box below.

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32 thoughts on “LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean update stopped by T-Mobile, various problems”

  1. bhsf91 says:

    I had the upgrade. When wifi is on, I lose service every 2-3 seconds. If I turn wifi off and leave it on 4G, phone gets super hot and battery dies quickly. Because I don’t have good service while using wifi, I turn it off, therefore phone is plugged in all day long.
    My T-Mobile plan is everything unlimited with 500MB of data at 4G speed. I paid my phone bill 4 days ago and already used all of the data at 4G speed, now I only have 2G speed so everything is slow.

    1. Jace NightFall says:

      Hey you arent the only one! While im in a call 4G drops and my battery heats up to 114°F+ all the time. My battery drains completely in standby in about 2-3hrs…. thats freaking ridiculous!

  2. Youknowwhosaidthis says:

    @bhsf91, you should have went with the unlimited data for $20 dollars more a month, where your bill would have been $70 a month, it would still be cheaper than just about any other carrier.

  3. JJJ says:

    I got the OTA update about a week ago and did find the battery is now an issue. When using ICS, i could get two days on one charge on normal use, now I can drain the battary easily in less than one day while most time using Wifi. In addition, I can’t even open Chrome. Had to reinstall Chrome to get it work.

  4. 3zzz says:

    Realtalk i just received the update four days ago an…couldnt download cause i could only upgrade on wifi….so when i did get a chance it was monday when it did begin it took a really long time i couldnt finish installing it was d loading for two hours an didnt make it half way…so the next time i could install was Wednesday an finally it was complete it said hit restart an install so i did when the phone restarted nothing changed its still the same nothing updated…what does that mean anyone?

  5. Phillip Khuu says:

    I updated a week ago and it’s been a nightmare. Battery used to drain at 2.5% / hour now it’s 4.5% / hour. Proximity sensor no longer works. Phone calls often crash the phone. It may be a coincidence but 4g speeds are abysmal. Wifi, once solid, is completely unreliable now and is constantly searching. More crashes than I can think of vs ics.

  6. chassity wainwright says:

    I have problems with mine and i just bought it last weekend. I bought the 50 unlimited plan and i have trouble making and recieving calls, texts, and half the time my internet doesn’t even work. I’m returning it this weekend for something else. 4.1.2 sucks. What’s the point in calling it an upgrade I mean really I preferred my samsung proclaim.

  7. P says:

    well i avoided the update after my gf updated hers and had plenty complaints. her most notable one, no screenshot… lol. love the phone though, hope this issue is resolved soon

  8. Kayla says:

    I updated my phone and it was great for the time being . UNTIL I noticed that my screenshot was missing . Which is a very useful asset to me . I need this fixed PRONTO .

  9. JR says:

    I noticed that bluetooth and WIFI are consuming more battery resources than before.. by a lot. Also, the email module is using more data. However, the really annoying part is that data speeds, and connections between towers are inconsistent. For example, as you transition from WIFI to regular 4G, the phone has issues realizing that it’s running on 4G. The indicator may say 4G, but it fails to connect. I need to toggle the phone in and out of airplane mode to correct this issue. So far, I see no up side to Jelly Bean.

  10. elprimounder says:

    New problem with jb update, when i download a video it create to file one in the interna and one on the external if you delete the internal you lopse both, if you use the explorer and move the file to external sd it works nice but in galery you have the 2 files and if you erase one you loose both. And now on the explorer appears in the main card a folder with external sd DO NOT ERASE YOU LOOSE ALL YOUR EXTERNAL XD CARD INFO.

  11. Melissa says:

    I’ve been using JellyBean 4.1.2 since about May 1 and have seen some problems. The battery has been dying pretty quickly until its about 25% then takes a little longer to go down to 15%. I’ve also noticed that at times when I turn on the data it doesn’t turn on and I have to restart my device in order to get it to turn on. Also when I turn on wifi and it allows me to make wifi calls they are always dropped

  12. Matt says:

    My phone kept hitting off at&t’s network when both my parents have the same phone are hitting off tmobile which my should be doing also. I ended up getting a new phone because of this.

  13. Pete says:

    Yesterday update to 4.1.2 LG L9 P768f Phone is faster and very nice no crash no batterydrain and some nice extra’s. update very smooth via LG PC suite

  14. a.mahrous says:

    3 DAYS AGO MY MOBILE L9 UPDATED.. EVERY THING IS GOD >>> BUT THE BATTERY DRAINS GREATLY ….. the battery from 4 days stand by to about 20hour only stand by ,,,, if it will stay and the previous performance of battery not come again so i will wish if it reagain ics as the most importat thing in the moble is the battery ,,, this phone was greater than S3 ,, but now is not

  15. nimesh patel says:

    Lg Optimus L9 P769 t-mobile after getting update it was working cool. New design features and i loved it. but after some days my wifi is not working properly. it cannot connect to all the wifi devices. it supports only few devices. it was working fine earlier 🙁

  16. Joy says:

    Just bought this phone with this update. Battery runs out when I don’t use it. T-Mobile says all phones do this (I find not). Have everything turned off and went down to 2G. Is there a way to go backward on a new phone or is the new fix coming soon?

  17. Jace NightFall says:

    I got my phone for christmas, everything worked perfectly, i got the update as you normally would install it and after that, hardly any of my calls went through, while im in a call, my 4G quits and jus switches to G. My phone freezes ALL the time and it not the apps on my phone, i did two master resets and it still freezes! To the point of where i cant even hold the power button to turn it off… the message on the screen doesnt even come up, i literally have take out the battery to turn it off

  18. disqusingthis says:

    Just updated 07/20/2013. MP3 files do not show in any music player. I’m using internal storage. I tried placing media files in the Music, Dowload and Media folders.

    Google Now volume is very low. I can barely hear it. All volume sliders are at 100%.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had problems after updating to JB. The battery drained quickly even on the lowest brightness setting. Froze a lot also. Plus drained when it wasn’t in use. Now the dang thing won’t even power on no matter what I do from charger or taking battery out and putting it back in. No idea if this was from the update, but people I talked to said it could’ve been, since they had problems also with the update. But I hardly doubt that.

  20. pissedOff says:

    Definitely the worst update ever! the spell check is ruining all my text messages. I cannot take screenshots anymore. I cant download apps or anything else for that matter. It makes apps crash which is especially annoying if your online filling a long form and it crashes right before you finish. Also my battery life is much shorter now and call quality decreased. Did I say worst update ever please bring back my screenshot feature!!! D:

  21. Clifton Miller says:

    went to sleep and the phone was working,woke up and the phone was off turned the phone on and the lg came up but that’s it ,can’t get past the lg screen,and this is the 3rd one I hav’ed don’t waste your money

  22. ak36 says:

    I have a l9, my phone dies quickly, heats up even when its not being used, I can’t get WiFi to turn on, n when it would turn on it wouldn’t connect, I hardly get the 4 g service, I don’t know what to do

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