Speaktoit Android virtual assistant with more unique usability features


For those that are using the Speaktoit app will be happy to know the virtual assistant has had over 6-million downloads since its release, and today we can let you know about some new cool features for usability and content.

We here at Phones Review wanted to keep you in the loop on the latest from Speaktoit, Android’s #1 user-rated virtual assistant with over 6 million downloads. As of today the app has just launched some pretty key new features.

What’s new for Speaktoit Premium?
The Speaktoit Assistant can now be launched even when the phone display is turned off. A voice command of “Hey Assistant” is all that’s needed to wake it up using technology embedded from Sensory, below you can see a quick video of what this is like.

It’s the only virtual assistant to take hands-free assistance to this level – you do not need to touch your phone to use the Assistant. This functionality is now available to Speaktoit Premium users. Premium, which is $2/month or $20/lifetime, and has been selling very, very well, also allows users to teach their Assistant to do any action based on completely customized commands (it’s the only virtual assistant to learn directly from its users – screenshot of example of that attached as well). Also can get you free Premium subscription if you’d like.

What’s new for all Speaktoit users?
Mental push-ups. Example screenshot attached – since people are interacting with their Assistant everyday, Speaktoit developed what they call “mental pushups” as ways to get the blood flowing in creative ways.

Asking trivia questions, completing word rhymes, etc. This is available to all Speaktoit users.

Ability to read email from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, etc. All users can now ask to search emails by subject or sender.

Integration with Waze (rumored today to be acquired by Facebook for $1 billion) for super-easy navigation while you’re in your car (and it’s all hands-free).

New avatar. Screenshot attached – Speaktoit’s gone 3D and more realistic. (The avatar – versus faceless voices like Siri – has been a very popular differentiation for Speaktoit.)


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