Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 finally treated to Jelly Bean update 4.1.2


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet owners may have given up on the Jelly Bean update but we have good news today as we have just heard that the device with model number GT-P6800 is finally being treated to Android Jelly Bean update 4.1.2.

It was way back in March that we told how the 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 had been delayed following reports that Samsung was having some problems with the update. It appeared the issue regarded some sort of difficulty with the Exynos processor not appearing to like Android Jelly Bean.

It was thought then that the update would not arrive until May or June although those in the US may have to wait further as stateside carriers are often late to release OS updates. Now we have heard that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 update is now rolling out starting in Asia and this should be followed by the update arriving in other regions soon.

Galaxy Tab 7.7 owners will soon be receiving the delights of Android Jelly Bean then and hopefully if you have this device it will soon receive the update. This firmware update to Android 4.1.2 is available either OTA (over the air) or via Samsung’s KIES service. We’d really like to find out where the update has hit so far and follow its progress so we’d like to hear from readers on this.

If you have the Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 we’d like to hear from you when your device receives this Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update. Let us know what you think of the update and which country you are in by sending your comments please.

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 finally treated to Jelly Bean update 4.1.2”

  1. Wayne Tunstall says:

    I have just received the jelly bean update and im in the UK..Its like having a new tablet & the update has included loads of features found on the galaxy note including the stay awake feature where if youre looking at the tablet it keeps it from going into stand by..Over all very impressed indeed

    1. Marco Bub says:

      Hi Wayne – did you update it via OTA or using Samsung Kies? I don’t like Kies as I find it very buggy but my 7.7 doesn’t do anything when I hit ‘Search for Updates’ in the menu…

      1. Wayne Tunstall says:

        Hi Marco Yes I did it via the OTA method..I got a notification saying the update was available..Is yours rooted or is it with a custom ROM as that would stop any updates via both methods as it won’t be recognised by Samsung…Also are you in the UK or another country as that could also mean it has not been released there yet..Is your tablet locked to a particular network for 3G as that means the network provider may be the ones that will be holding up the jelly bean release.

  2. samsung says:

    My tab 7.7 is now the same OS as my Note 2, while in ICS still dun have pop up video player, but now i can do pop up play with my tab 7.7, but the keyboard input looks weird

  3. Finally, but it looks like Samsung half-assed it. They really don’t want us to keep this tablet. They want us to buy the newer crappy plastic tablets.

    Sorry, but the 7.7 is still the best tablet by far. How many other tablets can you send text and make phone calls? How many other have Super Amoled Display?

    This tablet has a higher ppi and screen resolution than the iPad mini. And this tablet is over a year old! And lets not forget that the iPad mini lacks GPS, micro SD card slot and phone and text function.

    If Samsung were to release a 7.7 refresh with quad cores, 2gb rams, a higher ppi screen, s-pen compatibility while keeping the same form factor, the tablet will blow everything else out of the water.

    Instead, Samsung is sticking to it’s UGLY S3 form factor. Plastic and very Curvy. UGLY.

  4. f garcia says:


    I am in the philippines. I have samsung 7.7 P6800.
    Since I’ve received the new update 4.1.2, my tablet has not been working right since late April 2013.

    I lost google play and can’t get into it, my tablet hangs most of the time, the process is delayed and it kicks me out of where ever I am at when I surt.

    Someone help. Can I get a new update?
    can I fix my problem of delays and hangs.
    I do not like the new update 4.1.2.
    feel like my tablet is malfunctioning.

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