Buienradar weather app update for Android


If you are from the Netherlands you may be interested about the Buienradar weather app update for Android, the app itself is great and now an update that was available a few days ago is ready for install.

A little information for those that do not know about the Buienradar.nl Phone app for Android, this weather application has a fantastic user interface as well as being very easy to use and navigate.

Weather information can be swiped and the start screens can be fully personalized for your preferred cities and weather information. The main part of the app we like has to be rain radar, that features 2 hours rain forecast, the GPS location can be zoomed in, as well as detailed rain forecast on street level.

Other features include weather videos, detailed local weather predictions; upload your own weather pictures and social features within. You can also change the way the maps look thanks to the preloading of animation to improve speed.

The latest update is now v4.649, which adds performance improvements, for more information please visit Google Play Store.

If you have installed your new Buienradar weather app update for Android please do comment below and let us know how you are getting on. We want to know all, have you had great times with this app, or have you experienced problems with Buienradar.

If you have anything at all to say about this app please do come forward and let other Phones Review readers know about what you know.

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