Lenovo K900 release date delay in India unclear


The Lenovo K900 smartphone was supposed to be available from May 10 for the Indian market, but for unknown reasons that are unclear its release date in India is now set for May 20th.

Phones Review has looked into why there is reportedly a delay for the Lenovo K900 smartphone in India, but we have not yet heard back from sources we have emailed.

The delay comes via NDTV Gadgets who are also trying to get clarification after the Lenovo K900 phablet was supposed to launch 3 days ago, and why the new date is set for May 20.

One source told NDTV Gadgets that it could be down to its big marketing initiative for the device with plans still being finalised.

We get many emails about the Lenovo K900 mainly covering the release date for India and prices, what we do know is that it is now on sale in China. The India price even though not official is said to be about Rs. 29,000.

Lenovo K900 Specs Recap: 5.5-inch 1080p IPS capacitive touch display, Intel Atom Z2580 2GHz dual-core processor Clover Trail+, 13-megapixel camera with Sony’s Exmor BSI sensor, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 2-megapixel front camera, 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM.

We will notify our readers as soon as we get the official Lenovo K900 India release date and price, in the meantime are you considering buying the K900?


11 thoughts on “Lenovo K900 release date delay in India unclear”

  1. MickDelhi says:

    I even cancelled my GS4 order just for this device……but I have to admit, ft it cost more than Rs.26,000/- I’d buy S4, SPECIALLY because I’m in LOVE with the GS4’s software/camera features and the loads of sensors it has. Not to mention K900 lack the basic Gyroscope sensor and is low in performance too. Only reasons are the PRICE and LOOK…..

  2. DDas says:

    I will buy it his has the following:
    1. Dual-sim
    2. External MicroSD Storage
    If either of the above is missing esp. dual-sim, I will not buy.

  3. DDas says:

    I will buy if it has the following:
    1. Dual-sim
    2. External MicroSD Storage
    If either of the above is missing esp. dual-sim, I will not buy.

  4. Ravi Bhan says:

    will buy if it has :Dual-sim and external micro sd or i will buy S4 because of lenovo
    k900 not 4G ready as reliance JIO soon launch it 4G service in india.

  5. RajaSims says:

    If Lenovo launches this in near 25k mark, they will LITERALLY rewrite the the smartphone pricing system in India. They will easily sell 5million+ units with a 25k price tag within the first month, provided they do good marketing in India, which should not be hard for an already famous company like Lenovo. Though I’m afraid if the price reaches near 30k, the first month sales will decline to about 1million, the rest will either go to cheaper or costlier phones……..let’s see what they do

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