Galaxy S4 storage problem sees Samsung backtrack, update possible


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone arrived on the market recently but despite being an instant hit a concern was recently raised about the phone. There have been concerns about the internal storage which Samsung initially seemed to brush aside but we have now heard that the company seems to be backtracking and is looking into the possibility of an update to improve the situation.

The issue arose when it was discovered that on the Galaxy S4 model with 16GB of internal storage, 6.85GBs are already taken up by system software before buyers even get their hands on the device. That represents quite a hefty chunk of internal storage already used and although larger storage versions are available (in some regions) some consumers would maybe not have purchased the 16GB model if they had realized that so much storage was already accounted for.

At the time this issue arose Samsung seemed rather complacent about customer concerns and in a statement merely advised people to purchase a microSD card for expansion. However it seems the giant tech manufacturer has now had second thoughts and has issued another statement on the matter.

A Samsung spokesperson has newly spoken about the concerns and said the company will improve its communications with customers and is committed to responding to their needs. The spokesperson went on to say that Samsung is looking into the possibility of software optimization that would enable more memory space.

News of a possible software update to free up more internal storage will be welcomed by many of those who have already purchased the Galaxy S4 although some people will point to the fact that at least there is an option for expansion on the device. Concern about internal storage is not confined to the latest Samsung flagship device either but Samsung has a reputation it will not want to tarnish.

The optimization update is not confirmed yet but at least it’s good to know that Samsung is considering a way to placate its customers and has taken the complaints more seriously. Have you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4 and if so were you concerned to hear of the internal storage limitations? How do you feel about Samsung’s apparent change of heart? Do let us know by sending your comments.

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8 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 storage problem sees Samsung backtrack, update possible”

  1. MobileTECHIE says:

    Sorry, damage has been done!!! It wasn’t until WatchDog got on the bandwagon did we finally hear something positve from Sammy. Samsung’s response to this issue was absolutely unforgivable and goes against every business ethic in the book. “WE”, the consumer, are what made Samsung what it is today!!! When phones like the HTC ONE are sparkling up the retail shelves, you would think Samsung would be on their best behavior. All samsung had to do was include a $4 8gb sd card with every phone ( their cost, more like $1.50). Just another example of big corporate greed and their dispicable behavior…just so their stock goes up 3%….oh, and BTW….Just got my new black HTC ONE…i agree with all the expert reports, “best phone in the world!!!”

    1. mike says:

      First of all I have the best phone in the world-the galaxy s4. And the storage thing doesn’t bother me one bit. I had a16 gig card in my s3 that I just transferred over. So no big at all. And I would say most people don’t need even 16 gigs. So it is really nothing. Hey to get the most amazing innovative features on a phone you have to take a hit on the memory. I don’t think too many people will care especially when you can get a16 gig card for 20 bucks. Anyways the htc is not even close to being as innovative or good as the s4. So it has 3 or 4 Good features but the s4 has a bunch that no other phone on the market has. For every feature the htc one has the s4 has equal or for the most part way better and cooler. Plus a ton of stuff that the htc does not have-air view, air gestures etc…etc… Too long of a last to
      put them all on here. And the s4 just broke records by selling 4
      million in mere days and is on track to sell 10 plus million by the end of May. Htc will only hit about 2 million by end of May so apparently the better phone is the s4 hands down. Sales prove it. More people think it’s better than the over rated htc any day.a metal phone doesn’t
      make the phone if it’s got nothing other than stupid front speakers that no one will use and are no louder than my 1 back speaker on my
      s4. Htc one is best phone in the world. PLEASE GET A GRIP! IT’S
      NOT EVEN ON THE SAME PLAYING FIELD.the Htc will be forgotten just like every other htc in the past in a few months but the s4 will be going strong for a long time to come. Htc just give up already. You have nothing!

      1. Paperworkdan says:

        Your “BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD” – is it one of the 10% of S4’s that actually have the new Exynos chip or is it one of the 90% that are shipping with quad-core qualcomm’s?

        You’re acting like a child and Samsung are screwing their customers.

  2. Woody says:

    Totally agree htc forgotten very quick s4 will still be selling strong when the s5 and s6 are released look at the s2 it’s still regarded as a top phone and still receives the latest software updates even though Samsung are on the 4th generation of the galaxy s series storage no biggie got 32gig card in mine does all the storage I need.

    1. Maybe. But I had a Epic 4G, which was slow to get updates, and then was abandoned long before my contract was up. Then it got crushed by a car and replaced by an HTC EVO, but still. . . I still want to be able to move apps to the SD chip.

  3. I was surprised to find that I couldn’t move apps to my 32GB chip. If they’re going to have an update, I want that option back. My old HTC Evo constantly gave me “low memory” warnings. I don’t want to start getting those any time soon. Let me move the apps, Samsung, and you’ll have a happy customer.

  4. Crazy eighty8 says:

    Google control weather apps transfer to Microsd, not Samsung. I have two tablets with 100gb worth of cards and their useless for storing apps. I got all the apps I need on my HTC one and I still have 20gb internal to play with.

  5. Crazy eighty8 says:

    S4 looks like s3 and u call that innovative. No its just the same but with more useless crop. HTC reinvented how you listen and take pictures on a phone as well as how a phone should look. Sales do equate to being the best, is ford better than ferrari?. What makes the htc one the best is its overall user experience.

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