Google Hangouts app (Replaces Talk) vs BBM on Android, iOS


We all know Google Talk aka GTalk and GChat oh so well, and this is a highly popular instant messaging platform that we even use on a daily basis to keep in contact with business friends. Things have now changed and now Google Hangouts (replaces Talk) app is now available, but how will the fair with the likes of the new BBM app coming to Android and iOS.

Google have now decided to revamp what was already good and reinvented Google Talk as Google Plus Hangouts, in a nutshell this basically combines the goodness of two popular platforms, the combination of Google Plus Messenger and Google Plus video Hangouts, but it does take away a few features of Google Talk.

The new Google Hangouts app for Android and iOS as well as a Chrome-based app for desktops is now available, Google Talk as we know was pre-installed on Android Devices, we in fact installed IM+ Pro on our iPhone 5 and this works very well. Google Talk was not available as an app in Google Play, but now the Google Hangouts app is available to download and install.

The new Google Hangouts app features group conversations, one-on-one chat, video calls for free, emoji and a new lease of life with photos. The good thing about the app is you can see when the other person is typing and if they have read your message.

Google Hangouts does not support “invisible” status, the new app is all well and good but how will this compare with the new BBM app soon to be released on Android and iOS?

BBM chat will release first on Android and iOS platforms, soon after will come BBM Channels, BBM Video and BBM Voice, we know BlackBerry is losing ground but BlackBerry Messenger is highly popular and will be most welcome on other platforms.

If you wish to try out the Google Hangouts app please visit Google Play or the App Store.

Would you rather use BBM or Google Hangouts app on Android or iOS?


4 thoughts on “Google Hangouts app (Replaces Talk) vs BBM on Android, iOS”

  1. IDoNot TrustYou says:

    All they are doing is finding more ways to track what you do, when you do it, and who you do it with. Read the “permissions” for each of the new apps. So happy I can at least disable them.

    1. mickrussom says:

      if you use android or IOS you are basically “rooted” anyway. Yes, AAPL and GOOG are more os less evil empire in cahoots with fedzilla.

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