Samsung Galaxy S4 vs LG Nexus 4 – comparison importance


Here are a few points about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nexus 4. At first appearance, it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out on top, but that really depends upon what you define as important for a phone. For example, the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has more internal memory storage options may not be a big factor in your buying decision.

The processor speed and type
The Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has an 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, and the LTE model has a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset. These will run at 1.9GHz, whereas the Google Nexus 4 has a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC processor, and runs at 1.5GHz. The Samsung’s Galaxy S4 wins this one on both speed and processors; however, the octa-core of the Samsung may be a little bit of overkill. There is very little that the Nexus 4 processor cannot handle, and 1.5GHz is enough for any task.

There is more color choice with the Samsung Galaxy S4

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 you have more color choices including white, blue red and black. The Nexus 4 is just in black at the moment.

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There is only a 0.29-inch difference in screen size
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 4.99-inch screen size, whereas the Nexus 4 only has a 4.7-inch screen size. But, the difference is hardly noticeable when you put them side-by-side. If anything, their design is what dictates which screen looks bigger.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is slimmer
It is just 7.9 mm thick, whereas the Nexus 4 is 9.1 mm. The Nexus is not exactly bulky, and compared to most phones it is still slim, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 does have the edge on it.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also lighter than the Nexus 4
The difference is negligible, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 being 130g and the Nexus 4 being 139g. The difference is tiny, since the weight difference is roughly the same as a spoonful worth of salt. There is only a 9 gram difference, and if you ever felt how much 100g is, you will see how little 9g really is.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 wins hands down for internal storage
The internal memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a hefty 64GB, whereas the Nexus 4 is just 16GB. One could argue that 16GB is sufficient for a phone (which it is), but given that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 48GB more memory than the Nexus 4, one has to conclude that the Samsung Smartphone is the clear winner in this case.

On the other hand, one can argue that the Samsung charges a lot more for 64GB, which brings price into the equation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB storage, where the higher memory capacity phones cost a lot more than the 16GB Nexus. However, at least the Samsung gives you the choice of whether you go all the way up to 64GB. The only options that the Nexus gives are 8GB and 16GB.

LG Nexus 4 — comparison importance

What about a memory card port?
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has one so that you may expand the memory of the phone, but the Nexus 4 does not have one. You can use a microSD or a microSDHC

The Samsung Galaxy S4 wins on the camera front
This is because the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13-megapixel camera on the back of the phone, and a 2-megapixel camera on the front. The Nexus has an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.2-megapixel camera on the front.

The battery life and power
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 2,600 mAh battery, which means that it should last longer than the Nexus 4 that has a 2,100mAh battery. However, you should be aware that this does not always mean that one may outlast the other. The amount of energy that a phone uses is what dictates the battery life, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery may be so large because the device uses a lot of power. Even if this is the case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery may be replaced with a larger one if needs be.

Now for the question: Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 for you, or do you prefer the LG Nexus 4?

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15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs LG Nexus 4 – comparison importance”

  1. I would strongly disagree that the display size difference isn’t noticeable, the GalaxyS4 display is noticeably larger. It’s like saying the difference between the Galaxy S4 & the Galaxy Note 2 isn’t noticeable, which it easily is.
    Also I don’t know why you’d say the GALAXY S4 has much more internal memory at 64gb beecause for 1 a 64gb model hadn’t even been made available and probably won’t be. Then when you do compare the 16gb models of each phone the Nexus 4 wins hands down as Samsung’s OS & features takes up 8gb of internal with leaves the user with a measly 8gb as opposed to the Nexus 4 which has 14gb available to the user.

  2. Lenny Langohr says:

    It looks rather as if the author of this article got someone to write it quickly for her. Comparing numbers (features) doesn’t tell the user much. And it certainly doesn’t produce a “winner.” What are the benefits for te end user? What can you do with the GS4 that you can’t do with the N4? Then do a cost/benefit analysis. That would be a good article.

    1. Akshat says:

      A cost benefit analysis will end up leaning towards 1 device. Its aways better to remain unbiased in your approach list out all the features and how they fare and let the consumer make the decision on which one they like better. But then again if the reviewer had done a cost benefit analysis there would have been an outcry that this article is biased towards/sponsored by one company or the other

  3. Chemikaze_ says:

    I think the author is somewhat amateurish – no offense. Anyone with a bit of photography knowledge knows that the “high megapixel value” of a camera doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not it is a great camera, and she has clearly written that “the S4 has a better camera as it’s 13mp over Nexus’ 8mp” – which I know for a fact is a ridiculous statement to make.

  4. Hellojim445 says:

    For the price, the Nexus 4 is definitely better in value than the S4. The S4 is 2 times more expensive! (i don’t think it’s 2 times as great though)

  5. WildMonkey354 says:

    I think I would go with the s4 because having removable storage and a replacable battery pack is a big plus. Also i don’t think you will look back on your decision because the large high resolution screen looks like it will offer great graphics on whatever you use a phone for.

  6. Sean says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 cost 42000, which is highly expensive. You can easily get a laptop with good configuration for same price. I don’t understand what people get extra from S4 compared to Nexus. Apparently both are just phones…we have limitations in a phone. Extra 22K for good camera or processors??? what are we gonna do with these extra processors???

  7. nexus will get updates directly from google…and samsung s4 with its octa core and lte is, as you said, an overkill…..by the time lte comes to india there will be other phones..much smarter and better than s4…so for me my nexus 4 serves me better than any other phones i have ever used……..of course i am motorola fan and am waiting for the xphone……

  8. Marc Hagopian says:

    I would definitely take a Samsung over an LG. If Samsung was responsible for the nexus this round, they would have made sure it was the best in the industry like a nexus is supposed to be. That said, I would take the HTC One over the S4 any day.

  9. Jeroen says:

    Thank you for this comparison. What you did not take into account is that Samsung puts a bloated OS on the mobile and the Nexus 4 runs a native and clean Android OS. I think this is something to take into account as well.

  10. anonymous says:

    Are you forgetting that the nexus has on screen controls (menu home back) that takes up 1/3 of an inch. Comparing spec’s yes Samsung galaxy s4 wins hands down anyday of the week. Comparing price well hand down the S4 looses. UI and design well that’s just a personal like or dislike. You either hate the way the S4 looks plastic and “cheap” looking. Or you like it for its smoothness and glossary look. UI well it’s aimed at a ton of users might not be aimed at you so that cannot be addressed upon. The camera well I’m assuming that the camera lens are about the length S4 wins.
    What I would do. Ask a friend or a person that has a s4 have a “play” around and that find a nexus and do the same. It’s an individual thing and you shouldn’t buy regarding to other people’s “Reviews” because everyone is different
    Hope to help

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