iPhone 6 needs to fill space up to iPad mini 2


One thing we know about the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2 is the fact that changes will happen, although exactly what new specs and features will be included is made up of both speculation and leaked parts delivering clues as to what might be. How much the next iPhone changes might depend on whether it’s a major update named iPhone 6, or a lesser change with a 5S model featuring new colors and enhanced hardware.

Let’s say the major changes happen with iPhone 6 in 2014, then at this point there will be some big design changes and improvements needed to specs. We know thousands of iPhone users already have a long wish list, but if the 5S arrives this year as only enhanced specs and a minor change to the design, then for Apple to keep users they’ll need to offer something more radical with different display sizes.


Today, we wanted to highlight the size difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, which as you can see is a lot when they are placed side-by-side. If we had a photo of the Galaxy Note 2 next to the iPad mini the size difference wouldn’t be as extreme, but still easily noticed.


We don’t yet know the screen size for iPad mini 2 but you can expect it to stay pretty much the same, at 7.9-inches, and with the latest rumors hinting at the iPhone 5S seeing a release date in 2013 with roughly the same display size, this will disappoint a lot of people if it happens.

If we are to believe a bigger upgrade is coming next year in the form of an iPhone 6, then that release date should arrive with a design that fills the gap between Apple’s iPad and phone. We understand that not all users want a phablet and some people enjoy the iPhone in what they call a real phone size, but the industry has changed over the past couple of years and the demand for bigger smartphones is growing, so will Apple act in time?

We would love to hear from our readers about the need to fill the gap with an iPhone 6 in bigger screen sizes, so leave a comment with your ideal display size for iPhone 6 and if you could wait until 2014 for Apple to make that change? If the iPhone 5S arrives this year with the same display size, will you stick with Apple? Yesterday, we touched on some new glass technology that should make an appearance on a future iPhone.


34 thoughts on “iPhone 6 needs to fill space up to iPad mini 2”

    1. Tommy says:

      Someone hidden behind the name Guest, so in your opinion it is a fail for Apple to launch a phone bigger than the iPhone 5 and smaller than the iPad mini? It might not be for everyone, but I bet a lot of people want this (myself included).

  1. Shay says:

    If the iPhone 5s isn’t much different than the 5 , I will not be staying with apple. 2014 is a long time to be waiting for bigger changes

    1. Cole Warner says:

      Their changes will be software based/internal (fingerprint scanning, better navigation, much better aesthetics, faster processor, much better camera, possibly a better screen, etc.)

      1. Cole Warner says:

        I’m guessing the killer app will be a fingerprint based payment system you can use damn near anywhere (which, to me, would be worth an early upgrade.)

  2. Guest says:

    I just can’t wait to see iphone 5s or iPad mini 2. I reckon bigger screen is better for the iphone 5s or the 6. 2014 is too long to see the bigger screen as we already seen galaxy s4 is already here. I am thinking to get galaxy s4 now. I guess everyone feel the same way. Come on apple bring on. You are the best bring the best to us.

  3. RyanLucas says:

    Yes of course.. I believe not everyone likes big screens, and if I was one of those people who like it.. I would think that apple should make huge, not just put a big iphone with a big screen out there. So They should take their time in doing it.
    And I don’t know why people are so mad because their could be no redesign for iPhone 5s, we all knew that was the plan. I’m still upgrading to the iphone 5s.. no matter if it’s a big screen or a small one.

  4. Jason carter says:

    I’m pretty happy with the iPhone saga so far. I’ve all of the released phones. I won’t be getting the 5s as the difference is not that extreme.
    I’d prefer the iPhone 6 to be radical enough to buy, but saying that I wouldn’t want it to get to much larger. It’s a good size for my pocket, any larger would cause my phone to be in repair more often than not. Edge to edge screen with the home button on the back is an idea…

  5. weewee says:

    Screen size is as big issue as any other spec out there. I have no idea why Apple is just ignoring it. Give us the choice Apple. We want bigger, NOT TALLER as in iPhone 5, screen. I want an iPhone with screen of 5 inch or bigger. till then, I will stick with 4.7 Android powered LG.

    1. Cole Warner says:

      you’re wishes will be answered in about a year. In typical apple fashion, They aren’t going to release it until tech matches (or exceeds) expectations. They’ll release a completely beveless 4.8 inch iphone which is barely larger than the iPhone 5 and includes IGZO technology, in Sept 2014 (that’s when I am buying my next phone!)

      1. Anthony says:

        Boofhead. Just look at apples gear. Released just a short time ago with a tiny screen yet it’s square edges and wasted bezel are inexcusable. The inevitable is niw happening, apple lost tge plot with the iphone 5. They should have managed a biiger screen on that same phone.

    1. Cole Warner says:

      I’m convinced they’ll make a 4.8 inch phone as soon as they have the technology to completely eliminate the side bezels. They’re working on it!

      1. Cole Warner says:

        A phone like that would be barely larger than an iphone 5 but it’d have a screen very close to the size of the GIGANTIC samsung s4.

  6. Buzzman says:

    The wife & I have a iPhone 4S & will upgrade to whatever Apple releases. So what I get in the new phone is 4 inch, 4G LTE etc. which the iPhone 5 has, plus whatever the new iPhone 5S has to offer. People in tech maybe disappointed in 5S – 6 being only be a refresh. But for people who have a 4 or 4S & are upgrading, we get a lot of hardware stuff plus ios7

      1. Cole Warner says:

        I think thats the direction they’ll go except it’ll be completely without a bezel, and will be 4.8 inches. then they’ll have the “mini” 4 inch phone with no side bezel.

  7. hp says:

    The people in charge at Apple can really be dumb, or they’re too afraid of risking failure, but if they did come out with a 5-inch iPhone alongside their 4-inch iPhone they would devastate their competition.

    1. da says:

      I agree completely, and would add they need to make them easier to personalise with themes and fonts, some of the stuff you can do with jailbroken phone really makes a big difference, making the default look and feel seem out of date

      1. Cole Warner says:

        I have a lot of faith in Jony Ive, who is a design genius, to create an ios which will meet the needs of the vast majority of us. Some will still feel the need to jailbreak their phones to customize, but most of us will be surprised, and very happy!

  8. 3 hours ago
    I just got off the phone with Verizon. Did you ALL know that you can get a free, or nearly free new phone every 2 years if you order online? I spoke with a rep. and they said you do NOT have to activate your new phone, just pay the upgrade fee of $30.00. This comes in really handy if your current phone breaks, at least you have a back up for future use. They even have the new Iphone 5 for $100.00, as an upgrade-but like I said you don’t have to activate it until you’re ready. Get this, the rep. told me I could even SELL the Iphone 5 on like amazon? So, you can sell your Iphone 5 for, I’m sure $500.00 at least, and use that money towards the next new Iphone. I thought that was illegal and she said, No once you get a phone from us you can do whatever you like with it. Just remember, every 2 years we qualify through Verizon for a new phone at a discounted or free price. ALSO, Veterans and Active Military get a 15% discount now. Just go into any Verizon store or go online to register. I WISH more companies would do the right thing and advertise these savings to the public. I know it would make me a more loyal customer to Verizon and other companies had they followed this customer service form of excellence.

  9. Really now! says:

    If I phone come out with yet another big phone I will not stick with I phone. I have a 4s and my screen is big enough. I refuse to get something bigger. It’s not practical at all. I will stick with the 4s for now but if this crazy for bigger phones keeps up I will go to another brand that has an actual phone. Peopleif you want something that big just buy a flipping tablet. That’s what they are meant for.

    1. Cole Warner says:

      You’re the customer apple is listening to (and you are not alone) as Samsung is rolling out phones you can barely fit in your pocket. This company (apple) does things right. I still think they’ll release a 4.5-4.8 inch iPhone max at some point, but they’ll keep the 4 inch iPhone available.

  10. Cole Warner says:

    I would love a 4.5 inch iPhone but I will stick with iPhone until it comes out. I have played around with android and its a buggy mess (even the latest version which supposedly “fixed all those issues”) Nobody in the business world (not even just tech) has the attention to the details of the consumer experience as dialed-in as apple.

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