Nokia Lumia 720 review – comprises both price and balance


The in-betweener syndrome is wildly misinterpreted. For one, it’s not about being lost in the middle between two devices that capture attention, one for having supreme features and for being a statement making phone, and the other for being a device that adds in good features while being well priced.

So today we want to give you a little Nokia Lumia 720 review – The in-betweener phone is erroneously unapprised and is not understood in its true sense, which is a device that comprises of the best of both, a balanced phone if you will with an appropriate price tag.

It is a Windows 8 device, for which reason itself it doesn’t lack on any score versus the more pricey devices of the Lumia series. This device was made official alongside the budget friendly Nokia Lumia 520 at the Mobile World Congress, 2013. The Lumia 720 shares its Lumia space with other devices in the series like the Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920.

The Nokia Lumia 720 can be contrasted against the HTC One SV, the Motorola Razr I, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and also the Sony Xperia T, as all these phones possess more or less similar features, and are priced alike.

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The form factor of the Lumia 720 is more along the lines of the Lumia 920 having few curves around the edges, though not as rounded as the 820 and 620.

The device has a unibody, which speaks for being durable and tough. The device comes with a plastic finish, which makes it lightweight weighing in at 128g, it is easy to grip and comfortable to handle for typing purposes, watching videos on the move or browsing the Internet. The squareness of the phone with barely a hint of curves reduces the comfort level in handling, but just by a bit.

The colors of the Lumia 720 series are fun and bold, however many consumer complaints have surfaced, particularly regarding the red paneled device, complaining that it scars easily. Other colors that Lumia 720 comes in are blue, black, yellow, and white.

The coloring is uniform without any contrasts giving it a holistic look. The screen is a glass 4.3-inch display having a pixel resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This resolution is exact to the Lumia 620 save that the 620 has a smaller size screen of 3.8-inches, which increases the pixel density to 246ppi as against the Lumia 720 which has a pixel density of 217ppi. The result is on a comparative basis the screen of the 620 may be more immersive, however the 720 doesn’t lack clarity, legibility or finesse.

The screen is highly responsive making it a phone conducive even when the fingers are clad with gloves, below the glass display is the usual Windows Phone keys, which are situate symmetrically within a black bracket bezel at the base. Above the screen is the secondary front facing 1.3-megapixel wide-angle camera, for video calling purposes.

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To the right side of the device is first the volume rocker, next the power/ lock button and then the dedicated camera button. This trio of hardware access buttons is practically standard in all Lumia series phones.

At the top is the microSIM slot, which can be accessed via a small tool that works well. There is also the standard headphone jack. On the left of the top is a microSD port which too is safeguarded by dust and which needs prompting to slip out. The placements of these ports are a giveaway that the 2,000mAh battery has been secreted off, inaccessible. So, there is no option to replace the battery thus sort of posing a problem.
The Windows Phone 8 experience is not just an iteration of its predecessor but affords endless possibilities and more fun features. Windows Phone is sure getting to the level of Android and iOS.

The platform is appreciable for starters for giving uniform experience in every device, which isn’t necessarily the case with Android devices. So there are no guesses with this platform, no surprises and what you think you will get, is what you actually end up getting.

Nokia has incorporated much of its own Nokia fireworks to assert its place through features like Nokia Music, mapping, and navigation options and camera smarts. At the base of the screen you can check the number of unopened text messages you have received, Facebook notifications, as well as emails for ease of access.

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The settings menu lets you play around with the background of the phone to pictures from Facebook (your gallery of course) and you can also set it to display details from apps, like Twitter or more locally, from your calendar. The usual Live Tile experience is there, which has its well-known benefits and plus factors.

The processor is a 1GHz dual core processor, which is backed by 512MB of RAM. The processor takes on and supports Windows 8 smoothly, like it should leave no room for complaints of any kind. No lags and the commands are executed with promptness despite heavy-duty processes running simultaneously. The right to left swipe gesture is present letting you have access to the app list.

Apps can be easily viewed and found for being placed in alphabetical order, the Lumia 720 does not have a drop down notification bar or quick access settings. To quickly check and uncheck settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and others, well, there is no quick way, unfortunately and this factor requires consideration and rectification.

Although many vouch for Android and iOS, which are no doubt superior to Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 does present an entire packed experience and much to be explored and liked.

Overall the Lumia 720 is a good phone to have, for its good camera and features, nice form factor, which is reminiscent of the attractive Lumia collection, and also for its long-lasting battery life. The only downside is perhaps that the battery cannot be removed, and the screen though not a letdown, isn’t great either.

The Lumia 720 is a great smartphone, which supports and completes the Windows 8 experience, and is a strong Lumia series device. Although placed in between other devices, the Lumia 720 packs in features that are illustrative of its quality independent to other smartphones.

Do you like the sound of the Nokia Lumia 720?


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    1. More options are there in iOS & Android platforms and more user friendly they are in certain parameters over windows. With the numbers of userbase increase for windows it’s app market will grow too. but now on windows is a bit down you need to admit.

    1. cs098 says:

      It depends on your preferences. All are good in many way even though most prefer ios or Android and for them are the superior os.

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