Possible iOS 7 features for WWDC 2013 preview


This time of the year has always been known to be one of excitement for Apple followers, which is due to the fact that WWDC 2013 is almost upon us and with it we should see an iOS 7 preview with a release date later in the year. Last year, we saw iOS 6 previewed at WWDC and then a final download went live for the public on Sept 19.

So, what should we expect to see as possible new iOS 7 features during the WWDC 2013 preview? You won’t need to look far to find a number of bloggers and fans creating videos for features they want to see, and this includes concept designs of iOS 7 that users upload to YouTube.

We touched on one such iOS 7 concept earlier this week, but what about features being expected thanks to leaks? The concept we published in an article a few days ago looked at being able to switch user interface, although there’s a lot more needed to make a better operating system and today we have some more visuals explaining just that.

You might have seen a video at the start of May, which looked at iOS 7 going flat and highlighted features like better car integration. The 6-minute video can be seen below this article, and we have also embedded a second video that we feel touched on some important improvements to iOS 7. These include features some people feel Apple need to implement as soon as possible. We loved the ideas to improve the iOS 6 lock screen.

Possible iOS 7 features and things that won’t be included — while we have touched on what is needed in iOS 7, it is fair to say some users have a list of things they would never want included. In the last video, one of the latest looking at iOS 7 features, we see a number of improvements needed and also some features that the video creator believes will never make it to iOS 7.

Do you agree with some of the iOS 6 frustrations in the last video? Some of these include the fact that you have to dig through many settings for some commonly used settings. Another idea would be to include a kids mode, which we feel is a great idea.

Having created both Android and iOS apps, we know how easy it is to get Android apps on the Google Play store, a couple of hours, compared to around a one week wait through iTunes. Even with this in-mind, it would be good to see a kids mode feature with iOS 7. Take a look at the videos below, then share a comment with features you want to see in iOS 7 and also the things you don’t want to see.


4 thoughts on “Possible iOS 7 features for WWDC 2013 preview”

  1. Dan says:

    Sure, they’ve been done by Cydia but this time they won’t crash your iPhone or goof up another completely unrelated program. Tried Android; apps crashed and were crap and crapped up other apps. Tried a jailbroken iPhone; apps crashed and crapped up other apps. I’ll stick to the walled garden. There were reasons for walls around cities a long time ago. It was dangerous out there.

    1. Mike Finnegan says:

      Maybe you should stick to a flip phone since it seems better suited for your experience level. I’ve been running full JB on my 5 since it became available and have yet to have a hiccup, app interaction, etc. Trying knowing and understanding the things you speak of first.

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