iOS 6.1.5 update for numerous iPhone 5 problems


The next likely Apple iPhone OS update would be iOS 6.1.5, although this update hasn’t been confirmed and could skip a few numbers, and there is a growing number of users crying out for fixes to numerous problems.

It is hard to tell if there’s a pattern with iPhone 5, or 4S, problems being experienced but one way to tell would be the amount of complaints in Apple’s official forums and from feedback found in related blog posts. We published an article about iOS 6.1.4 battery life issues around 2 weeks ago, and since this update we are still seeing a lot of users complaining.


Fresh iPhone 5 problems this weekend – The fact is there are users facing battery life problems with the iPhone 5, but this isn’t a hardware issue in most cases, and you can see this right away by the majority of people having no problems at all. One of our readers stated “I get at least a full day of battery power on my iPhone 5 with heavy use, and 2 to 3 days with light use”.

We have seen before that problems can start after installing a new iOS update, which the latest software version was iOS 6.1.4. Following this update we have seen mixed feelings about Wi-Fi issues being fixed, again the majority people say things work just fine, and only this weekend we found a long list of comments on Facebook talking about battery drain and “no service” messages.

One of the iPhone 5’s in our office normally gets around a day before it needs a charge, which is why we were shocked to hear a number of people getting less than 2 hours, but we have experienced this problem with the iPhone 4S and that had been fixed by a software update or a fresh install.

What features would you like to see in iOS 6.1.5, and do you have bugs that need fixing with this update? We have also seen a few blogs publishing information about speakerphone issues, but again the models of iPhone 5 in our office have no such issue.


33 thoughts on “iOS 6.1.5 update for numerous iPhone 5 problems”

  1. debbie says:

    I have had my I phone 2 weeks and am having a problem with receiving some calls any ideas, people say it just cuts off there end. my parteners name came up but we could not here each other.

  2. Apple rush says:

    Had my iPhone5 for almost 2 months before update. I could stream music, videos play games talk text all day heavy usage and still only be down at 70 after 12, 14 hours. After update I could watch the % drop almost by the minute. Wiped phone and is now a lil better but not the same and why should we have to wipe and start from scratch every update

    1. iphonetechrep@att says:

      Resetting the device to a factory setting allows it to pick up a better version of the update. This is frequently know in the android community as Update Optimization. DO NOT USE WIFI WHEN UPDATING! LOSS OF VITAL UPDATE INFORMATION IS EMMINENT

  3. Grandmamommy says:

    I have had to turn off location services as I have seen a big difference in my battery usage. I could moderately use it all day and the battery would drop to 80%. Now, it drops like a rock.

  4. I noticed recently that my battery life is just awful, it drains so quickly compared to before with certain apps, Facebook is particularly harsh, I can watch videos on Netflix/Viki/YouTube longer than I can use Facebook.

  5. moon says:

    in Malaysia issue the iphone 5 easily crooked..i was think to buy it but my friends advice me better u get other phone then iphone 5.

  6. Derek says:

    the power switch is not functioning well. it takes multiple clicks to get the phone to sleep mode. The most annoying thing is i can’t decline a call (or I have to be a mad man clicking it many times and hope it works). Please fix it!

  7. Disneyprincess says:

    Ok something that I origanlly thought was a service problem but turned into an iPhone problem when my friends with iPhones on different servers experienced the same thing is, that my phone says I have 4G or for other carries whatever their top speed of data is but then won’t load any web pages. It sometimes works but others it will just stop working even when I should have top speed data…. It’s extremely annoying because its worse than when I had the iPhone 3….

    1. iphonetechrep@att says:

      Settings>Safari Erase Cookies, history, amd data. Enable cookies and ensure data roaming is on. Settings>General(since the new update) Cellular Data roaming

    1. iphonetechrep@att says:

      As a tech rep i recommend backing up manually to itunes, erase all content anf settings, yhen restore. It is found in the article above that a fresh 6.1.3< update may ne required to fix bugs. This practice is indeed true as this has been a major pain with most iphone users and a headache for tech reps. I mean seriously. Do you think we want to have to call you back in the middlebof your sons baseball game? Apple has made tech reps look like idiots since they came out…. hope this helped. CF Tier 2 Tech AT&T

  8. Alexis says:

    My battery sucks! Lasts maybe 6 hours with continuous use! Fix this please! Before update we got better life and now it’s plugged in almost 7-9 hours a day! Can’t talk more than a few hours and we drive a lot so it would be nice to actually use my phone for more than an hour without worrying about battery life’

  9. si says:

    Standing next to my mate with his 4s and he picks up the wifi with full strength, I can’t even dectect it with my iphone 5. apple taking steps backwards not forwards

    1. iphonetechrep@att says:

      Delete the apps and redownload them. New version come from the itunes store automatically. Ensure sufficient storage space is available. <900mb

  10. az says:

    My battery life sucks! I can blow through an entire battery in about 4 hours. This is just by using text and facebook/social media. No videos or GPS.

  11. Chase B. says:

    My phone won’t let me select speaker phone sometimes because when I hold it away from my face, the back light will go off. When I touch the screen for it to come back on it does, but when I go to touch speaker phone or any of the other options the screen goes black again. Also, I can be on it and it’ll just drop all service then go to LTE, back to 4G, then no service again. I’ve not had this much trouble out of the 4S I had. I’ve been a loyal Apple supporter for several years now. But, they seem to be getting behind on technology. The galaxy phones have a much bigger screen, have several features I like much better: moving backgrounds, can make ringtones right on the phone and have them set right then, as opposed to making a ringtone on the iPhone then having to plug into iTunes and move it around, and even have a free music downloading app. Something has got to happen with this folks. Apple is only holding on to loyal customers mainly because they don’t want to learn a new phone. Personally I love the iPhone, but it’s getting more and more beneficial to look into the galaxy phones for my lifestyle. They don’t seem to drop service like my iPhone 5 does, etc. I hope they flip over a new leaf and get back into competing again.

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